HOLLYWOOD—Last week was gut-wrenching with the death of Zoe and that infamous cliffhanger where Maggie was seen leaving a note in a tree that was retrieved by Eli. This week’s episode of “Scream” the TV series, ‘Heavenly Creatures’ continued to deliver evidence to the viewers to help them piece together who the killer or killers could possibly be.

This week’s episode kicked off with someone deactivating the alarm at Emma’s house while she slept upstairs. They worked feverishly to break into the home and headed right upstairs, spying on Maggie before peeking into Emma’s room and taking a look at her journal. Emma heard the rumblings and jumped from her bed to investigate. The front door unlocked, her necklace handing on the doorknob and her journal missing.

Kieran left the house very late at night, per usual, Eli was sitting at the table watching his cousin. What the hell is this kid up to? Maggie and Miguel deciphered if there was someone else who had a connection to Piper that would want to harm the residents of Lakewood. Emma, Brooke, Kieran and Audrey paid Noah a visit to help him grieve with his attack and Zoe’s death.

He revealed his love for horror is over, as it’s apparent the killer has struck him in a place that hits hard. He’s lost 2 loves because of Piper Shaw and her twisted web. Gustavo was drawing a picture of Brooke’s dad with a bloody face, but hid the pic before Brooke arrived back to the hotel. He’s hiding something people, and I think it’s a whopper.

Audrey, Emma and Kieran helped cleanse Noah’s room and searched though evidence, and Emma stumbled upon a picture where Eli was seen in the background of Will’s funeral. Does Eli know Will and why was in Lakewood then? Audrey continued to receive threats from the killer, warning her that Emma could be in serious danger if she does not heed their message. Looks like Eli and his mom are hiding secrets and his rage exploded when his mom wanted to flee town. Mayor Maddox is up to no good yet again people. He became the target of Eli who broke into the house to steal some evidence that would put Brooke’s dad in some serious hot water.

Sheriff Miguel questioned Ms. Lang about her possible connection to Piper Shaw. When he revealed that he was aware that she was secretly taping the students she was caught off-guard. She pointed the finger at Gustavo whose interest in death was disturbing to say the least. Too obvious for Ms. Lang to point the finger at Emma, we know she’s not the killer people.

Brooke and Gustavo talked about situations involving their parents.  Noah’s podcast was interrupted by Gustavo who begged him not to end his podcast. Noah was stunned to find pictures of his battle with the killer. However, how would he know where Noah was attacked and have such vivid imagery. Kieran spied on a conversation between Eli and his aunt. He oversaw evidence on the table and mentioned the James’ clan. He found letters Audrey wrote to Piper behind his bed.

Too easy people, Eli is not the killer, he is being set-up by the killer. The ladies planned to return to the pig farm to see what other evidence they could unearth. Eli spotted Kieran returning to his bedroom to hide what he found, just as Noah made it clear that he would not end his podcast, but got a virus on his computer, that contained a file where the fingers were pointed at both Audrey and Emma and the killer showing video of all of his kills and Brooke was livid to learn Audrey knew about Jake and didn’t tell her.

Audrey and Emma arrived at the pig farm to poke around. Emma seriously, you never split up in a horror movie, yet alone when a killer is on the lose looking to cut you into pieces. Emma located the same secret room that Miguel discovered and entered the room just as Audrey arrived. They duo realized that someone has been living at the home. They found Emma’s dream journal which the killer used for that video that was uploaded via Noah’s podcast. They were interrupted by the arrival of Mayor Maddox to the farm, who was meeting up his the person who was blackmailing him. Little did he was about to be lured into a deadly trap, courtesy of a pitchfork.

Emma and Audrey peaked into the farm and was shocked to find Mayor Maddox. The ladies had his blood on their hands and their fingerprints on the evidence as they investigated strange sounds. The police arrived and things don’t look good for these two. Emma and Audrey was furious to discover that they were being arrested for Mayor Maddox’s death. Miguel you will be stunned when it becomes revealed that Gustavo has some role in this chaos.

Next week’s final looks epic to say the least, I haven’t been so eager for a finale in years and I still have NO CLUE who the killer or killers could be. I suspect its Piper’s accomplice, plus one of the Lakewood five. We know it’s not Audrey and Emma, but could Noah, Brooke, Kieran, Miguel, Gustavo or Eli be guilty parties. Share your theories and see if you’re right next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics!