HOLLYWOOD—With only three episodes left before the season three finale, “Pretty Little Liars” is pulling out all of the stops.  Episode 21 “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” saw the death of a major character.  That character was none other than: Toby or at least the audience is made to suspect that.  It was indeed a shocking lead up, so let’s evaluate it more.

After weeks of keeping a torturous secret, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) divulged to Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria (Lucy Hale) that Toby (Keegan Allen) is apart of the “A” team.  The friends were quite taken by the news.  Emily was in denial about the revelation; Spencer on the other-hand was completely convinced of Toby’s betrayal.  “The quicker you wrap your mind around this the better,” shouted an angry Spence to Emily. It’s surprising to see the emotional bond that Em has with Toby.

Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Ashley (Laura Leighton) were in a tizzy about Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) missing body. It was funny to see the daughter giving advice to the mother on how to keep a secret. Aria was stunned to arrive at Ezra’s (Ian Harding) apartment to see Ezra’s son, Malcolm. Aria was also taken aback with the news that Maggie and Malcolm might be staying in Rosewood.

Hanna was preoccupied with watching the news to make sure there was no update about Wilden, as a furious Emily continued to search for information on Toby at his apartment.  They found a parking pass that Toby used to enter Radley, just as Hanna came up with the genius idea of them questioning Toby’s parents. Spencer received a threatening flower wreath from “A” that stated “Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips.”

The liars spotted Mona (Janel Parrish) in the coffee shop and called her out on the flowers that she sent.  Spencer threatened Mona that if she caused harm to her friends, bad things would happen to her.  Mona obviously knows who sent the flowers and gave a dark stare at Emily indicating that she may be the target.  Aria was surprised to see her mom (Holly Marie Combs) at the house.  Ella could tell that something was off about her daughter.  Emily decided to stop by Toby’s house and was surprised to see that the mail and newspapers haven’t been picked up for weeks.

Ashley was stunned to see a glimpse of Detective Wilden staring at her: is she seeing things or is Wilden really alive? Spence was certain that Emily was “A’s” next target and did everything in her power to warn Emily to be on alert. Hanna speculated that Dr. Sullivan was brought back in town by Toby precisely at the time that Mona was about to get caught which helped her get diagnosed with a mental disorder. Hanna was still on high alert each time she heard a police siren.  The stubborn headed Emily continued to push about Toby’s whereabouts, even as her mother told her not to trust Toby.  Aria was in a panic after Malcolm fell off the bed injuring himself. Ezra over-reacted over the issue, as Aria unleashed her frustration.

Em decided to use her mother’s computer at work to search for E. Lamb (indicated on the Radley parking permit) and discovered a connection.  Just as the photo began downloading, she received a text from Toby indicating he would meet her if she stopped looking. Mona received an ominous phone call just as Spencer decided to follow her nemesis.  Mona ventured into the woods where Spencer discovered the body of who she thinks to be Toby. She never took of the helmet, so the audience does not know for sure if it was indeed him.  A frantic Spencer sprinted after Mona, but she got away. Mona is a devilish fiend!

Hanna was absolutely stunned to see Wilden’s police vehicle inside her garage, where she watched the video of her mother striking Wilden with her car. Emily decided to meet “Toby” at an unspecified location; doesn’t she know you never go anywhere alone.  Aria confided with her mom about her troubled love life. She finally began to realize that her “happy” relationship may not be possible. Mom gave really great advice to her grieving daughter.

A frustrated Emily spotted the girl in the red coat, entering a warehouse where Toby worked. Em was a bit suspicious when Toby’s co-worker knew her name, without her giving it to him.  Hanna and Aria speculated rather Wilden was dead.  Emily received a red package containing a note indicating that “Toby is no more.”  There was also an obituary inside.   I can’t believe Hanna and Aria pushed Wilden’s police vehicle into the lake.  This is serious; what has Aria and Hanna entangled themselves into!  Covering up a murder is a serious crime.  Ashley was a bit concerned about Hanna’s whereabouts, where she disclosed that she thinks Wilden might still be alive.  Ashley was in complete denial about her actions, just as Hanna realized she might have made a grave mistake.  It’s a little too late to retrieve that car Hanna.

Spencer was taken to the psych ward after she was spotted by detectives.  Poor Spence, she looks terrible and now she is a patient inside Radley.  Is this apart of Spence’s plan to get the goods on Mona, Toby and the other member’s of the “A” team?  Aria, Hanna and Emily speculated whether or not Toby is dead.

The episode wrapped with a fisherman locating a hat that stated Rosewood Police. The episode was a complete mystery because the body that Spencer found was not identified.  Could it be Toby, Detective Wilden or someone else?  I have reason to believe the “A” team made it appear as if Toby is dead when he’s not.  Next week looks to be thrilling as Mona taunts Spencer inside of Radley hinting at information that could be a game changer.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics.

By LaDale Anderson