“Pretty Little Liars” Recap ‘She’s Come Undone’


HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” was a dozy to say the least with Aria (Lucy Hale) finally learning about the betrayal involving her secret lover Ezra (Ian Harding). Well in episode 21, “She’s Come Undone” Ezra learns what happens when you betray a liar.  Aria admitted that Ezra knew all of the lairs before heading to Rosewood, and a bombshell was dropped when she revealed that Mr. Fitz thinks one of the liars attempted to kill Alison (Sasha Pieterse)! A genius twist to say the least, as I believe that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is the guilty party. I mean she was the first to discover that Ali was missing while all the other girls were sleeping, that is a mystery yet to be answered. Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) were a bit thrown off by that revelation.

Now we have to decipher that all that was seen in Ravenswood was a big ruse? Hmm, that would be a copout in my opinion for the “PLL” writers. Let’s hope that route isn’t taken or I will be very disappointed.  Aria’s heartbreak was tough to endure, just as Spencer finally came home to see both Mr. and Mrs. Hastings at the abode. She was not pleased to hear about heading to a rehab facility. Our favorite liar was an emotional wreck on the verge of a meltdown.  Hanna did her best to reason with her new boy toy, wonder what Caleb would think.

Emily touched base with Spence to see how she’s dealing with the withdrawal of her meds, where Emily indicated that Shana reached out to her regarding Ali’s missing funds, but were disrupted by Aria’s desire to seek vengeance. Never mess with a woman scorned or all hell will break lose! Cupid must have been missing from this episode as hearts were breaking left and right, just as Toby (Keegan Allen) who wanted to do his best to protect his girl. Paige (Lindsey Shaw) did her best to spend some time with Emily, but spotted a load of cash that piqued Paige’s interest.  I’m worried!

Aria refused to be ignored and stormed into her lover’s place searching for answers.  In a drawer, she located a timeline and multiple files, including one of her before he came to Rosewood. It does appear Mr. Fitz had been secretly working towards solving the ‘murder’ of Alison DiLaurentis. Nice twist “PLL” writers, just when the audience thinks someone has crossed over to the dark side, the good in them is revealed. Our most naïve liar went crazed on Mr. Fitz’s place, literally trashing and destroying everything in his apartment. It almost felt like a scene from “Waiting to Exhale.”  That’s it Aria, unleash a bit of anger. I almost thought she was about to destroy all of Ezra’s evidence that he has gathered.

Spencer was not too pleased to receive a gift from “A” to keep her on edge with the sleeping pills. Bad idea to keep those pills Spence, even Emily knew what was possible. The ladies stormed into Ezra’s place to find a distraught Aria, but not before Spencer grabbed a few pieces of evidence, including a picture of Ali given to Mr. Fitz by Mona. Hmm, could all of Mona’s treachery towards the liars have something to do with her attempt to help solve the murder of the wicked Ali?  Nice twist “PLL” writers did not see that one coming.

Spencer got the scoop on a P.I. who was following her? Whoa, I knew Spence had secrets in her past, but this is major; just when the audience thought she could fight temptation “A” got the best of her. Paige and Emily got into a huge argument about secrets, which forced Emily to reveal that Ali is alive! Noooooooo! That could be a costly mistake that Paige may pay for, because of her constant need to protect those who don’t need protecting.

Aria brought up a great point about how Ezra got his hands on the tapes from Mrs. Grunswald that forces me to think perhaps Mr. Fitz could have helped Alison. Paige attempted to reason with Emily about Ali’s motives, she makes a great point, while Emily delivered an ultimatum refusing to forgive Paige if she told her secret. Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) continued crushing on Hanna, is Rosewood full of older guys after young girls? Hanna seems to be stuck between two guys, a boy her age and detective much older than her.

A flashback revealed Spencer and Ali having a fight, just as Spence grabbed hold to a shovel and was about to attack Ali! Whoa, CeCe knew what transpired and Mrs. DiLaurentis paid her off to not say a word.  What I’ve speculated since season one is indeed true, Spencer did attempt to kill her BFF. The bigger question is why?

Spencer confronted her father about the night Ali disappeared, and she asked her father what he suspected her of doing, but an answer was diverted when Toby stopped by. That Hasting clan is known for keeping major secrets from one another.  Aria continued to read through Ezra’s book of notes and discovered a letter from a literary agent about his latest development, and discovered that her lover is meeting his agent!

Spencer dropped by Mrs. DiLaurentis’ home and questioned her about the possibility that she could have hurt her daughter, which forced Mrs. D to throw a frazzled Spence out of the house. Sees definitely keeping a secret, a big one to say the least. Aria informed Hanna that Ezra was meeting with his agent and chose to take action, but her BFF attempted to reason with her about the fallout.

An intervention took place between Spencer and those who cared for her most, but it almost felt like a funeral.  Emily was surprised to see Aria decide to take a trip to anywhere outside of Rosewood. She lashed out at Hanna, now Emily, who’s next? Maybe this would be the perfect time for Ella Montgomery to return to assist her daughter in her time of need.

The final moments saw Paige leave evidence for the Rosewood police to search for Alison DiLaurentis, just as “A” combed over Ezra’s manuscript for his book, before burning the pages.  Things are twisting left and right, and with only three episodes left the season four finale is sure to deliver a boatload of shockers to send fans into a frenzy. Can’t wait till next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson