HOLLYWOOD—Well, it looks like the jig is up for Elliott on “Pretty Little Liars.” This week’s episode, ‘The Talented Mr. Rollins’ saw another Rosewood resident bite the dust and it was in glorious fashion to say the least. MAJOR SPOILERS: If you haven’t watched the episode stop reading now. Why? Because Dr. Elliott Rollins is DEAD!

Or at least viewers are made to think that. Let’s go back a bit to unfold the episode, which kicked off with Aria getting a glimpse of the bruises that Hanna suffered while in captivity with the enemy. Per usual Aria did her best to try to get Hanna to share her story, but Hanna was headstrong in not talking about the abuse she suffered. Aria, Spencer and Hanna listened as Emily divulged details about her concern for Ali who seems to be losing it by the minute in the mental hospital. The ladies weren’t so sure that Ali was in danger, but after laying out her theory it became evident that the liars did begin to suspect Elliott as being up to no good, with Mary Drake.

I would argue this week’s episode is the first in a very long time that focused on the liars and the ups and downs in their relationships. Aria seemed content with ending things with Liam to focus on reigniting the spark between her and Ezra. Spencer perhaps had one of the toughest episodes to date. I mean she continued to question rather anything still existed regarding her relationship with Caleb, just as she discovered that Toby got engaged to Yvonne.

Yes, that was indeed a tough pill for the toughest liar to swallow. I mean I was under the impression last season these two would get back together, now, I’m not so certain about that. By the end of the episode, it became clear to Spencer that her relationship with Caleb is indeed over, especially after learning about that kiss he and Hanna shared and it’s obvious he is still harboring feelings for his first true love.

Speaking of Hanna, she seemed to cover with her pals regarding the status of her relationship with Jordan. For those in the dark, she broke off her engagement in last week’s episode. She also suffered a bit of a setback when she witnessed that weapon used by Elliott to torture her while in captivity. Yeah, it was a shocking moment, as that farm did deliver a bit of evidence to the liars that Charlotte and Elliott were an item and seemed to always be up to something. Emily found herself vying after Sabrina, but Sabrina seemed to have eyes for her ex, or at least the viewer is made to suspect that.

Now, getting back to Alison, the girl will not just sit down without a fight. The episode opened with her delivering one hell of a fight to her husband, who sedated her after getting the upper hand. When the liars burst into the hospital demanding to see their pal, Elliott was wise to cover his tracks. This only delivered more fuel to the fire as Aria, Spencer and Hanna snuck into Ali’s house to see what Elliott was hiding in that chest. What did they find? Tons of medicine and some nifty medical tools. Yep, you’re busted buddy, and he was well aware of it after realizing that his key had been moved.

Emily proved that when she wants something, she will not stop until she gets it as she stole the file Spencer had on Mary Drake to give to Toby to do some digging. Toby did his best to cover his tracks with Yvonne as he discovered that Elliott Collins is not who he says he is, especially if a crime was committed in 1958. That would make this doctor close to 60.

The final moments of the episode saw Alison luring her pals to her location as it appeared Elliott was planning something nefarious.  Ali devised a plan to escape, which led to Elliott chasing after her, but it all reached a climatic moment as Hanna’s car crashed right into Elliott. It left the doctor’s bloody face right in the windshield, as Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Ali watched in horror. Ok people, so that was an unexpected death, so we now know precisely who Emily, Aria and Spencer were burying at the beginning of the season seven premiere.

However, I must argue that I don’t think Elliott is dead. Why? Go back to the mid-season finale of season six where the liars rushed into Ali’s classroom warning her that “he” is coming. So who is that ‘he’ is it Uber A, Elliott or someone else. I’m dying to see how Mary Drake responds when she is unable to get into contact with her co-conspirator. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!