HOLLYWOOD—After a 2 week break, “Pretty Little Liars” is back and picking up precisely where it left with Ezra proposing to Aria who was left in complete shock. This week’s episode, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ saw Aria deliver an answer to Ezra that did not please him to say the least.

The episode opened with the liars speculating about rather Elliott was alive or dead, and that someone could know their little secret. The ladies were stunned to see Ali stroll into the coffee shop with that little red jacket courtesy of AD.

Ali was livid to discover that her pals betrayed her and suspected that she was capable of murdering her own sister. Jenna, Sara and Mary Drake are all prime suspects in the liar’s eyes; could any of them actually be covering for Elliott. So Elliott is actually Archer Dunhill. Marco and Spencer had a long-awaited conversation about their steamy hook-up in that elevator. Hanna was stunned to find another phone in her purse, with a warning that Archer Dunhill aka Elliott might be very much alive, which freaked her out! Aria did her best to ease her pals concerns, but yet again Ezra is continuing to be a major distraction. Emily was not pleased to see Sara once again at the hotel and delivering a gift to someone upstairs. That only prompted Emily to do some sleuthing.

Spencer paid another visit to the Lost Woods Resort to dig up information on Elliott’s co-conspirator, but found herself stunned to come face-to-face with Mary Drake. Hmm, was this a complete ploy from Mary to cover her tracks? Aria spilled the beans that Ezra proposed to her, but she didn’t give him an answer. That prompted Hanna to inform Aria that she broke off her engagement with Jordan. From a distance, a strange looking police officer was watching the ladies.

Can you believe it, Caleb is back in town, and he’s having a conversation with Ezra about his love life. Emily spied on Jenna by delivering drinks and poking around on Jenna’s computer and spotted files for Charlotte DiLaurentis. Sara seemed to want to reveal the truth, but Jenna seemed stubborn to the core. A flashback revealed that Jenna was pals with Charlotte, as well as Archie. Jenna was looking for Charlotte’s birth mother and was livid to learn that Ali was critical to Charlotte’s release from the hospital.

Is Jenna telling the truth, or weaving a tale to scare the liars off her tracks. It’s apparent Sara still has feelings for Emily and was about to divulge the person after her, but Jenna halted that revelation yet again people! Spencer and Caleb had that talk about the state of their relationship, and with the snap of a finger it’s all over. Mary became emotional after learning that Charlotte called herself CeCe Drake, and the fact that she never got the opportunity to hold her child, and that her sister Jessica stole EVERYTHING from her.

Ali questioned her relationship with Charlotte who seemed to be using her to get what she wanted. For once, the Queen Bee realized that she had been outwitted by the people she thought she loved. Emily left Ali’s residence, unaware that that mystery officer waiting outside the house was someone wearing a mask, looking to seek vengeance on Ali.

Hanna and Spencer received another call from AD who warned them that Ali is in serious danger. The ladies to Ali’s side just as Ali began to panic. Little did she know that officer was not to be trusted, and she was attacked by the mystery man, who Ali thought was Elliott! He smashed her face against a mirror, but not before Ali pulled apart that latex mask that the villain was wearing.

It looks like Emily and Ali are getting much closer people, could ‘Emison’ be reuniting? Ezra decided to propose to Aria a second time, and this time she accepted his proposal. If there was one “PLL” couple that was certain to last forever it was these two. Sara packed her bags and made plans to immediately leave town, but she was stopped in her tracks by a FACE that scared her to death.

The final moments of the episode saw Hanna and Spencer digging up Elliott’s body, but were stunned to discover that Elliott is still very much DEAD. Ok, this is a wicked twist that is throwing me off big time. If it wasn’t Elliott who attacked Ali, who the hell did? Not to mention that shocker of a moment where that maid stumbled across Sara’s bloody body in the shower!

Who killed Sara, who was watching Spencer and Hanna dig up that grave? For a moment, I suspected I had all the pieces to the puzzle perfectly fit, but now I’m completely lost. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!