HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended with DA Jennifer Salison arriving at the Cryer mansion to deliver some game-changing news to Katheryn and Hanna regarding Wyatt. ‘A Tragic Assumption’ proved to audiences that sometimes the authorities can be dumber than we suspect. The episode opened with Hanna questioning Jennifer about why she has suddenly returned to the Cryer mansion, and Jennifer continued to be coy about the issue.

Hanna alerted Katheryn that DA Salison wanted to speak to her, and it enraged the matriarch to say the least, and wanted to seek vengeance against Jennifer by shooting her. Katheryn’s anger immediately turned to shock, when Jennifer revealed that Wyatt is not dead he was unconscious for over 32 hours, and is in a medically induced coma. I echoed Katheryn’s sentiment, what kind of idiots wouldn’t be able to realize that!

Hanna informed Katheryn that she would go visit Wyatt on her behalf at the hospital to prevent her pal, from enduring any further torment. Candace received a call from Erica alerting her that she has located Oscar. Oh, this is going to be good people. Now, it looks like Candace is going to get the revenge on the guy who stole all of her money. This prompted Candace to flee the scene, while Erica worked her charm, and her ability to unnerve Oscar shows this woman has incredible skills. Erica was able to set-up a plan to get the scoop on Oscar.

Candace arrived home and was stunned to find both Jeffrey and Officer Justin in her backyard. It seemed that Jeffrey spilled the beans to his new lover about Quincy, but that is not the case. C’mon already, with the stalling, got damn Jeffrey you’re singing like a canary and can you truly trust this guy? He shouldn’t be worried, because Veronica barely has a scratch on her chest. Our vixen made a call to Benny to get the goods on what happened with Veronica, but he had no Intel at all. Benny flipped when he realized that the truth about Quincy could be unearthed.

Jeffrey explained the situation to Candace, and she divulged that he is using Justin to his advantage. However, Candace was not a fan of seeing Justin in her presence. Just when will Jeffrey spill the beans to Candace that she is sleeping with Justin? At the hospital, Hanna was surprised to see David in Wyatt’s hospital room.

Looks like Wyatt is going to recover, but will this be the one thing that forces Wyatt to make some serious changes in his life. Veronica continued to deny that she has implants, even though the X-ray proves she did indeed have breast implants. Even when seeking medical treatment, Veronica is a cold-hearted b****! David reminded Veronica about Jeffrey’s bully from his childhood, which proved that their son could snap when pushed too far. Damn, Jeffrey put a kid into a coma people! Finally, David, you’ve chosen to teach your wife a lesson that shook her to the core. What, the Ice Queen was virtually speechless for once in her life, I can’t believe this!

Benny was adamant about chatting with Jeffrey, but Candace was not having any of it. The more the merrier, because Erica stopped by Candace’s abode to alert her friend of the latest developments on Oscar. Benny gave the impression that he was leaving, but soon returned once Erica and Candace left, to make some coy threats to Jeffrey.

Benny informed Jeffrey he wanted him to deliver a message to his father about interfering with his tow yard business. Benny made threats that didn’t make any sense, because David ALREADY knows that his son is gay you moron! David and Jeffrey had a chat, where his son still refused to divulge the truth about Quincy. Benny and David are about to have a long overdue conversation. Wow, Jeffrey learned that his mother may have killed Maggie Day, and Jeffrey learned that Wyatt is not dead, which put a massive smile on his son’s face.

On a stakeout, Candace and Erica realized that Oscar was camping out the campaign office for Jim Cryer, but were stunned when Mitch revealed that Warlock had been locked up. Not to mention, he spilled the beans to Candace that David Harrington messed with Benny’s phones at the tow yard. When Candace learned what Mitch did, it left her shivering. Candace, put two-and-two together, its David who is working with Oscar!

Well, well, Warlock and Jim Cryer meet yet again. This cannot be good people, two enemies about to become pals to take down a common enemy. Things look to get worse for Candace, because Jim is about to reveal the whole truth about how much money Candace extorted for him. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!