HOLLYWOOD—On last week’s episode of “Scream” another Lakewood resident became victim to the killer, just a as a crucial clue was delivered to audiences that the killer might indeed be a MALE. This week’s episode ‘The Vanishing’ proved that even the most lovable characters are not immune to danger.

Maggie was seen conducting another autopsy on Piper Shaw who was removed from her grave. Hmm, looks like our new killer is quite methodical and took organs from the body. Man, I totally forgot that Maggie is Piper’s mother. She retrieved a pig’s heart from the body, which further alludes to the possibility that Brandon James may be seeking vengeance against those who killed his daughter.

At long last, Audrey and Emma had a chat to clear the air about Piper. Audrey revealed a vital clue; she was with Piper the night that Rachel was killed. So that means Piper was indeed working with an accomplice the entire time. Miguel and Maggie discussed the possibility of their past coming back to haunt them; the fact that Brandon James is utilizing a pig heart to taunt them about what they did as teens. A flashback revealed Miguel and Maggie stumbling across someone hiding behind a tree wearing a black hoodie. Noah became concerned about Audrey’s whereabouts, and seemed to be drawn into a trap by the killer who used his relationship with Zoe to get him to let his guard down.

Crap, will our favorite horror nerd die a gruesome death? This is such a tense moment, and Noah realized the killer just led him into a trap courtesy of his new girlfriend. Noah found himself stabbed in the chest. Nooooooo! Definitely a nice surprise from the writer’s people, taking out a character that the audience has totally grown to love.

Audrey alerted Emma that Noah has gone MIA, just as they received video that the killer has Noah in their captivity, and the two were forced to go on a treasure hunt. Oh, man this episode is so good already! The killer buried Noah alive, where he was recording his final moments on camera, just as Noah spoke his truth. Noah heard screams from another voice, which sounds like it could be Zoe. Emma and Audrey planned to use Noah’s murder board to get the scoop on what the killer is thinking.

Whoa, Miguel and Maggie rescued Brandon James and took him back to that farmhouse to allow him to escape. Miguel returned to that farmhouse, where he heard footsteps upstairs and decided to investigate. He learned someone is indeed living at the abandoned pig farmhouse, and escaped before he could be seen. Not good, Emma read a letter Audrey sent to Piper about how she truly felt about her friend, just as they discovered a daffodil; a link to their past.

Emma gave Audrey a letter she wrote to Piper about how she truly felt. Miguel revealed there was a hidden room at the pig farmhouse, where someone was staying and there were pictures of Emma. Maggie devised a plan to pinpoint if Brandon James is truly alive. Audrey divulged to Emma that she shared everything about Emma’s past to Piper.

Isn’t this interesting, the killer gave Sheriff Acosta a call warning him that something bad is transpiring at the abandoned horse barn. Emma and Audrey managed to locate where Noah could be buried and stumbled across a bloody pig, as it was evident time was running out for our horror buff. Why the hell are these two bickering when Noah is near death? Finally, these two realized Noah was buried underneath the pig and rescued him before it was too late. Oh God, the killer buried Zoe alive too!

The trio realized that Zoe is close to the lake, and Noah was not heading to the hospital until he rescued his girl. The duo found Zoe, but she already drowned. That was indeed a heartbreaking death to watch people. The killer totally mocked Noah, Emma and Audrey, making them think she was alive, when she was already dead. Man that’s brutal; she never had a chance to begin with.

Maggie revealed that she was familiar to the barn house and the fact that a pig was gutted and a hand was hanging from the air only solidified that things are personal this time around. Audrey and Emma received a call again from the killer, who made it clear that this time around they will be victorious. As Emma got cozy for bed, she confessed guilt to her mother about Zoe’s death.

The final moments of the episode saw a flashback, where Maggie spotted Brandon James lurking outside her bedroom window. He left her a note reading “Don’t forget me.” Maggie went back to that same tree to leave a note for the killer, warning them to stay away from her daughter. Now, isn’t that interesting, the person watching Maggie was Eli. Only 2 more episodes left this season, who is the killer(s)? Share your thoughts! Until next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics!