HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “Pretty Little Liars” before the summer finale for season 7. This week’s episode, ‘The Wrath Of Kahn’ put a huge target on Rosewood baddie Noel Kahn as being the culprit behind torturing the liars and being linked to Mary Drake.

The episode kicked off with Spencer, Aria and Emily questioning Hanna’s sudden trip to ‘New York.’ Precisely, what Hanna was up to was questionable at first, but it became clear she was looking to get details from Noel Kahn on what he has been up to. Looks like things could be heating up between Spencer and Marco, but our wisest liar has her guard up.

Emily was concerned when she learned that Noel might be making a move towards Sabrina, but failed to divulge any details. Jason chatted with Aria about a fire that transpired at Aunt Carol’s, and he was surprised to learn that Mary Drake had a second child. Hanna stalked Noel who was seen tossing a trash bag in the dumpster, which she retrieved. She found Sara’s fractured cell phone.

The bond is growing between Paige and Emily people, just as Aria and Jason patiently waited for any information on Mary’s adopted child. What?! A flashback revealed that Jason and Aria hooked up post high school. Emily alerted Spencer that Hanna is up to something, just as the ladies retrieved an address that linked Noel to where Hanna was tortured. Upon arrival, Spencer and Emily realized they were being recorded and took out the cameras.

Aria weaved one hell of a tale to get the county clerks office to divulge some detail about Radley adoptions, which happen to be stored in the archive room. Hanna implemented the second phase of her plan which would require drugging. Emily and Spencer retrieved a flash drive where they realized that Noel was working with Charlotte when they were being held captive inside the dollhouse. Man this is a whopper of a twist; he even had Spencer thinking that she murdered someone, which makes one wonder what the hell Charlotte had on Noel that would make him participate in such heinous crimes?

The other liars finally realized that Hanna went rogue, and she ensured to spike a beer to get the goods on just what the hell Noel is up to. Emily don’t you know you’re on the cusp of destroying a relationship by keeping secrets from Sabrina and Paige.

Hanna called Noel out on having Sara’s phone and his desperation to get rid of the evidence. Perfecto! Hanna has Noel right where she wants him. She was willing to give him an alibi, which he needed, and her attempt to drug him backfired, and he made threats before manhandling Sara’s phone from her.

Spencer arrived back home to find herself in a darkened home, all alone. She watched more of the video that she retrieved from Noel while inside the dollhouse. Spencer gave Marco a call, just as Aria and Jason arrived back to the DiLaurentis abode waiting for word on that mystery child belonging to Mary. Another flashback revealed Jason and Aria sharing more moments, and their relationship floundered because she accepted that editorial gig.

Looks like that file that Spencer had was something A.D. desperately wanted and broke into the Hastings home to retrieve it, placing Spencer in quite a vulnerable state of mind. It was perfect timing for Marco, who spent time with Spencer to reassure her that all would be fine. Emily spilled the beans to Paige, who was watching just what Sabrina was up, which has me wondering was Paige’s return to Rosewood a coincidence or is she up to something sinister.

Aria was partially devastated, but also relieved to learn from Ezra that Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages rescued. Jason retrieved the file from the county clerk’s office, but all the important details were blacked out, except the fact that Noel’s father, Steven Kahn may have adopted Mary’s secret child. It’s NOT Noel people, its way too easy. The final moments of the episode saw Noel return to his parent’s cabin, but not before Hanna knocked him out cold with a hammer.

Looking forward to next week’s finale, which places the liars in a battle with their enemies Noel and Jenna, and things turn DEADLY to say the least. I mean what would a “PLL” finale be without a death or two people! Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!