SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Fire Department tweeted that three people were critically hurt in a crash at Sutter and Sansome Streets on Tuesday, August 23 after a taxi jumped the curb in San Francisco’s Financial District striking two men. The driver and the two men are listed in critical condition.

According to Lt. Jonathan Baxter, spokesman for the SFFD the crash happened at 3:15 p.m. at the intersection of Sutter and Sansome streets. Baxter further stated that for an unknown reason the cab went onto the sidewalk, crashed into a advertising kiosk and struck two pedestrians. Authorities are investigating what cause the crash.

According to the fire department, all patients were transported to San Francisco General Hospital. Their identities have not yet been revealed. Authorities closed off Sansome and Sutter Streets during their investigation. Market Street between Battery and Montgomery streets was also closed in the westbound direction.

Fire Department Lt. Jonathan Baxter stated to CBS San Francisco News that when emergency personnel arrived at the scene the injured “were in different states of consciousness.”

Several people took to Facebook do discuss what transpired during the crash. Raquel Calderon wrote “I always said SF taxi’s were savs, them MFers slow down for nobody.” Sonia Perez wrote “What’s going on in San Francisco?”

Riders are encourage by Muni to use the underground trains. The F Market Streetcar was experiencing switchbacks, but has now resumed service. Muni reminds riders that “subwaysvc remains an alternative until svc normalizes.” The SPFD tweeted it’s followers to avoid Market, Sutter, and Sansome due to the investigation.