UNITED STATES—If there is something Americans are probably starting to realize it’s the fact that the price of goods and services are on the incline. I know so many people are thinking this is a direct result of people not going to work, the pandemic and a host of other things, but simply put its because businesses know they can do it and actually get away with it. Why? They provide goods and services that we need to survive and continue about our daily lives.

I mean during the 2020/2021 Coronavirus pandemic, I saw prices that I never thought I would see, and guess what those prices are still evident today. I mean the price of cleaning supplies shot to the roof and guess what? They are still sky high. Cleaning wipes used to be $2.00 a bottle, now they range between $3-$10 a bottle, depending on the brand. The same sentiment can be echoed with the price of bleach. If you purchase the product from the dollar store, you’re in luck, it’s a $1. However, if you’re looking for name brand quality bleach, what used to be $2-$3 a bottle is now, $4-$10 a bottle depending on brand and size people.

It was no secret there were actual companies price gouging the consumer when it came to purchasing such products and guess what it is still happening. The cost of toilet paper and paper towel is still on the rise. Prices have not fluctuated from going low to high and back low, they are constantly going up. I’ve seen toilet paper at some retailers that used to cost around $4 a package that has jumped to $6 and it is still on the climb.

The price of food is constantly rising as well. Not just milk, bread, eggs, water and other essential goods. There is no need to chat about the cost of red meat, pork, seafood and poultry that is constantly on the rise and fluctuating from week to week. You might have a sale on Sunday, but come Friday those prices have raised a dollar or two. Businesses know they can charge outrageous cost on certain goods and items and the consumer will just swallow the blow without any question.

Well not me, and many more consumers need to get on board with NOT just allowing prices wild prices make a dent in their wallet. Shop around, see what other consumers are offering and if you can save a few bucks along the way why the hell not. Gas prices, whew its over $3 a gallon in most parts of the country and in some regions gasoline prices are between $4-$5 a gallon and who knows if the prices will decline or not.

You start to let businesses and retailers know that you’re not messing around when they see a dip in revenue as a result of one taking a stance. If you continue to pay the high prices, guess what, those prices are going to stay where they are or rise even higher people. We as consumers have a lot more power over the prices of goods and services than we think. If we put into the mindset of those businesses and retailers that we will pay any price they throw at us, what do you think the result will be. When we talk about price wars we’re not just talking about the price of goods, we’re talking about shopping around and finding ways to save money anyway that you can. A few bucks saved here and there goes a long way people.

Written By Zoe Mitchell