SAN FRANCISCO—Authorities from the San Francisco Police Department have apprehended a suspect involved in multiple burglaries in the region.  Roman Jarvis, 39, was taken into custody by authorities on May 29.  Jarvis was known for wearing a duty belt with a variety of tools including a stethoscope which he used to listen to residents who may have been present at homes that he targeted.

Jarvis was charged on Monday, June 10 with a total of 15 felonies and two misdemeanor counts on charges including burglary, stolen autos and possession of stolen property and burglary tools in nine cases that authorities believe date back to December 2012.

During one of the incidents, the suspect gained access to a home in the Edgewood neighborhood nearTwin Peaks between February 23 or February 24, 2013. He took valuables from the home, in addition to stealing a Mercedes-Benz, and returned to the same residence the next day when the homeowners were home and took additional items.

Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Unit and police officers from the Mission and Park stations paid a vital role in capturing Jarvis. Investigators are continuing to determine if the suspect committed the crimes on his own or if he had assistance. Officials believe Jarvis may have criminal activity related to fraud operations. Jarvis remains in police custody.  Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to contact Lt. Alexa O’Brien, Criminal Investigations Unit at 415-553-1184.

By LaDale Anderson