UNITED STATES─Our country is indeed facing unspeakable times right now. Race has always been a heavily debated and decisive topic. We want to talk about it, but at the same time we don’t, however, with the current state of the world, there is no hiding from it. The tragic and unfathomable death of George Floyd has left the entire world numb. The video beyond disturbing; it’s haunting and brutal as hell to watch America. With that said, the delay in any arrests being made led to protests starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but those protests have now spread across the country.

First Minneapolis, then Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Detroit, do I need to continue or have you got the picture? These are scary times right now because I’m a firm believer that they’re only going to get worst before they get better. It’s a cliché thing to say, but it is what it is America. I am all for protests, there is NOTHING wrong when a person protests, it’s just a problem when those protests turn violent. I mean seeking fairness, justice and accountability when something wrong transpires is what every American should voice.

However, there is no way you can justify violence, looting, setting cars on fire. Please explain to me when you do such things how are you implementing change? Try to explain that logic to me because I’ve always tried to understand that when it comes to protests that quickly turn into riots. It’s like watching your favorite sports team win the championship, but instead of just celebrating with happiness people turn to the streets to flip over cars, burn cars, loot and destroy buildings.

You don’t change things by being stupid, why can’t people open their eyes and see this. You change things by doing the right thing, making sure you are heard, by not inflicting harm onto others and destroying property in the process. I mean did anyone see the unrest in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle and so many other cities over the weekend? I did. I was glued to the screen, trying everything in my power to look away from the screen, but I couldn’t: I was mesmerized and disturbed at the same time. Is this how we show change? We go destroy buildings, burn cars, vandalize property, break into buildings, steal merchandise, loot, the list goes on. Like, please why are we doing this? This is not going to change the life lost by George Floyd by stealing and breaking into buildings?

It’s disgusting and I am ashamed by what I’ve witnessed America. We’re destroying our country, we’re not making anything better and anyone who says we are by tossing out this level of vitriol and violence you’re wrong. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the question you should be asking: WHY? Violence against violence does not change things. Of course, we know the legal system is not always fair; people have spent years in jail for crimes they did not commit or were found guilty of crimes with a lack of concrete evidence.

We’ve had initially a week of protests and they seem to be intensifying more and more each day. I mean a 19-year old lost his life in Detroit on May 29. Rather it was personal or something caused by the heat of the moment is still up for debate. There has been talk has been discussed about people PURPOSELY implementing themselves into protests to incite violence that is boiling over.

Shameful? Without a doubt, and just watching some of the video where it’s so obvious people are aiming to create a reaction, to cause some tomfoolery and to provoke a reaction and get their 15 minutes of fame. You are not going to be remembered for doing anything great, you will be remembered for being an a**hole. If you’re going to protest, do it in peace, don’t head out in the streets with the goal of causing utter destruction and mayhem. For those who are really amplifying the level of destruction, shame on you, because there is no reason for it whatsoever and you’re diminishing the focus of the cause which is even more disturbing in my eyes.

For those who are paying people, to go out an ‘act’ like protestors, but instead are going out tagging and vandalizing buildings in addition to destroying property and looting this is absolutely disturbing beyond disturbing. It is sickening, it is disturbing, it is hostile and it is only further leading to the divide in our country, at a time where we should be unifying more now than ever before. A protest is supposed to bring light to an issue with hopes of causing change.

Destroying cities in the process of wanting change is NOT going to get the result you want. Stealing items from business is just destroying your own community and for those looking to infiltrate these so called protests to stir drama, you are indeed a disgusting human being. We’re at a time where the discussion about race should be front and center, yet we’re discussing everything, but that, and so many wonder why we can’t see the change so many of us desperately want.

Written By Zoe Mitchell