HOLLYWOOD—It was a finale alright, I’m referring to the final five minutes of season five of the hit OWN series “Queen Sugar.” The episode, ‘Onward’ has changed things as we know it America. SPOILER ALERT: if you have not watched the episode, stop reading now. Charley spoke with Aunt Violet about her situation involving Davis, but she didn’t spill the actual tea about her COVID-19 diagnosis. Charley is absolutely thinking about rekindling her romance with Davis, so much to the point she asked Darla if she should give their romance another shot.

Darla and Ralph Angel dropped Blue off at his new school in Washington D.C. and it was a happy, yet a sad moment for them, but it was Violet who was still angry that the child she helped raise would no longer be in her orbit. Hollywood had kind words, words that forced his wife to really consider what she was thinking and how she was behaving.

This was a heavy episode people, as Nova confronted Calvin in his role in that brutal beating on that college start that left him paralyzed. It was gripping and haunting to watch people as Nova forced Calvin to face the truth and he was stunned to realize she knew all the dirty details that he was hoping to keep locked away in his past.

Wow, Calvin was actually keeping track of the kid whose life he completely altered. I was totally rooting for Calvin and Nova’s love story, but this incident tosses everything I hoped for into the trash. I don’t see how they can recover from this because Nova is strong-willed and she is a fighter for justice, so this is not something she can just put in the rearview mirror.

Charley was forced to tell Micah that she had COVID-19 and it left him a bit shaken to say the least as he was in Minnesota. Micah learned that it was Davis who nurtured her back to health. That news forced Micah to cut his trip short, just as Davis and Charley talked about their past and emotions got stirred up once again. It forced Charley to confront the hurt Davis caused her and she broke into tears, as did Davis, and it was some powerful acting to say the least. The romance is about to happen again America, and I’m giddy about it.

Blue clued his parents in on his first day at his school and the excitement that being at a new school has brought to his orbit. Hollywood delivered a bike surprise for Vi that put her into a happy spirit to say the least. Micah returned back home and was forced to have a conversation with his father, even though his body language and silence said it all. It seemed Micah was about to be delivered news about his parents relationship that would shake him to the core, but the audience did not get to witness it.

That was unexpected. Calvin turned himself into Internal Affairs for his role in that brutal attack that he took part in 20 years ago. One would think Nova would be happy that Calvin took responsibility for his actions, but it just broke her down in tears. Ralph Angel and Darla found themselves adapting to life without Blue in their orbit, but Darla revealed that she was pregnant with Ralph Angel’s actual baby this time around. He broke down in tears. So much for a finale that was going to leave us stunned, but I would argue I was stunned, but in all the right ways and I’m ok with that.

“Queen Sugar” this fifth season has been one of the best yet, kudos for an amazing job. Cannot wait to see what transpires when the series returns this fall.

Written By LaDale Anderson