HOLLYWOOD—Well a lot has happened on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” since we last chatted about the inner workings of those in Los Angeles and Forrester Creations. For starters, Ridge and Caroline are back in the picture. Those two have been keeping a major secret from Thomas: he is the father of Caroline’s baby boy. Yep, he’s getting closer to Caroline midst her slight pregnancy scare and I’m dying to see what transpires once the secret explodes and Ridge finally confronts his son about what he did with Caroline on that fateful night.

The happily ever-after for these two will soon explode in ways that will change lives. We also can’t forget about the impending love triangle between Katie, Bill and Brooke. This is a battle that will indeed have some interesting results. For starters, Katie is livid and I mean livid at her sister Brooke for betraying her yet again and has turned to the bottle as a way of coping. Yep, Katie is heavily drinking; Bill is noticing it and is super concerned about the dark path his wife might be headed in. Cue the entrance of the new doctor portrayed by Chris McKenna.

So the love triangle gets even more complicated because rumors are floating that Katie and the new doctor will play a role in an ongoing relationship that is certain to cause ripples in her relationship with Bill and Brooke. Well Bill was the first to betray Katie so it’s only fitting he gets a taste of his own medicine. We can’t help but grieve with sadness with the news that Zende and Nicole are no more. Yep, the youngster who had been doing his best to keep a smile on his face while his girlfriend carried another man’s child broke things off. I mean it doesn’t help when you have people like Brooke and Carter in your ear talking about living your life. This has delivered Nicole with some mixed feelings about the decision she made to carry her sister Maya’s child.

Of course both Rick and Maya have to feel guilty knowing that Nicole’s sacrifice has caused her first true love to be lost. This is not good news for either Nicole or Zende, why, there is a woman named Sasha who has been eyeing Zende since the two first laid eyes on each other. This week opportunity arose and Sasha took action giving a few steamy kisses to Zende that placed him in a very difficult situation; will he or won’t he go all the way with Sasha, who happens to be Nicole’s sister?

Yep, that is what is quite interesting that Julius has managed to keep his tryst with another woman secret. Just wait till Vivian, Nicole and Maya learn about their father’s big secret. Expect that little birdie to emerge during May sweeps. Now, here is where things get crazy, a bit nutty on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” After weeks of hearing about how dangerous his fiancée Steffy could be Liam decided to pump the breaks on their engagement. That left Steffy in a state of vulnerability as her lover traveled to Australia with his former flame Ivy.

Upon his return home he caught his brother and Steffy in bed together, little did Liam know, nothing transpired. Cue the craziness, he fainted in the parking lot and instead of seeking medical help for her nemesis, Quinn (Wyatt’s crazed mother) took him to her cabin where she has kept him hidden. To make matters worse, Liam has no memory of his past life and Quinn has started to fall for Liam, so much to the point that they SLEPT TOGETHER.

Yep, Liam and Quinn of all people have become lovers! She has been keeping this secret from all those that care about her including Deacon who stumbled to the cabin and found Liam with Quinn. Steffy was stunned to hear Liam’s voice on Quinn’s cell phone, which has her wheels spinning. Well, her family was shocked when she announced that she is engaged to Wyatt Spencer. Yes, she is about to marry her fiancé’s brother.

After a little of two years of back and forth, it’s time for this impending love triangle to come to an end, Wyatt, Steffy, Liam, Ivy and Hope has lasted way too long in my opinion and its becoming a bit tired. You can only extend a storyline so long before the audience begins to grow tired. I must say I’m eager to see what will transpire with Zende, Nicole and Sasha, as well as what Steffy will do when she finds out about Quinn’s latest stunt. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS at 1:30 p.m.