HOLLYWOOD—Last week many were stunned with the debut of the horror flick, “A Quiet Place” to the tune of $50 million. This week saw two new releases: “Rampage” starring The Rock and “Truth or Dare” starring “Pretty Little Liars” alum Lucy Hale. The question is rather those films would be able to dethrone our box-office champion? The answer to that question is yes, but barely.

The Rock managed to usher out audiences to see the ridiculous “Rampage” to the tune of $34.5 million. A solid debut, but considering the movie was less than $2 million from being overtaken by a small horror flick with stellar reviews says a ton. Johnson should enjoy the success because with “Avengers: Infinity War” arriving in less than 2 weeks, “Rampage” will soon be a distant memory. One that not many people will care about.

“A Quiet Place” dropped to second place with $32.6 million, very impressive for a horror flick, which has since earned over $100 million in just 10 days in theaters. Do we see a sequel in the near future? Maybe, but I’m hoping the studio doesn’t. That movie was such perfection a sequel would just destroy it in my opinion. I must say I was surprised with the debut of “Truth or Dare” which earned a solid $19.2 million during its debut weekend. That is stellar news for a flick that cost a mere $4 million to produce. It has nearly earned its budget back 5 times already.

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” landed in fourth place adding another $11.2 million to its total to bring its domestic tally over the $100 million mark. Rounding out the top five was the comedy “Blockers” with $10.3 million. Expect this weekend to be a battle between “Rampage” and “A Quiet Place” for the top spot in theaters before “Infinity War” arrives. Hmm, my gut tells me “A Quiet Place” will win out because the word-of-mouth for that flick is so impressive I don’t see how it doesn’t happen.