Ranking The Best “Big Brother” Contestants

Dan Gheesling

HOLLYWOOD—It’s a debate “Big Brother” faves have been discussing for years.  Who is the greatest BB player of all time?  Is it Dr. Will Kirby, Dan Gheesling, Evel Dick, Rachel Reilly?  The list goes on and on, but with all honesty it’s something that should be evaluated with a deeper look. Let’s face it some of the best players, didn’t win the game, but they sure fought like hell to do so.

It’s hard to pick a top 10 when it comes to houseguests who have called “Big Brother” home.  With more than a 150 plus houseguests entering the foray, some are known as ‘fan favorites’ and some are known as ‘some of the greatest players of all time.’  Let’s examine some of them. I have a top 8, as in my opinion these are players that had a huge impact on the reality series. Coming in at number eight is season five and season seven player Nakomis. Many players underestimated this girl when she entered the game which seems like eons ago.  She had an edge to her; but she saw things that others didn’t and was a very calculating player.

Even though she didn’t make it to the end in her season and was sent packing quite early in the all-stars season, her five-finger plan became infamous for what is now known as a backdoor.  She strategically worked with the other houseguests to evict Jase in a strategic move that will go down in “BB” history.  Take note season 15, its not a backdoor if the houseguest knows its going to happen. Jase had no idea of Nakomis’ plan and it worked so effortlessly. Pure genius!

Ranking in at number seven is Rachel Reilly from season 12 and season 13.  Some may argue why didn’t she make it higher on the list, well it’s a love hate relationship with Rachel. I absolutely loved her on season 12 because she and Brendon were underdogs and everyone roots for the underdog.  In season 13, she was a character I think many despised, but came to love in the end for her fight to stay in the game by winning competitions.  She doesn’t have the greatest social game in my opinion, but she makes for damn good television and is a fighter to the end.

Coming in at number six is Daniele Donato from season eight and season 13.  She was a competition beast between season 8 and season 13 winning 4 Head of Household competitions and 5 Power of Veto competitions. She lost the grand prize to her father, who many deemed a more socially strategic player, but some would argue otherwise; both needed each other to succeed.  She made the decisive decision to turn on her original alliance which made season 13 a treat to watch, without that power move to backdoor Jeff, season 13 would have been a bust.

Taking the number five spot is Evel Dick.  Some would argue Dick should be much higher, but I think some players played an even more strategic game in my opinion.  He was unlike any houseguest to ever enter the house.  The week that he and Daniele both found themselves on the block and it looked like one of them was heading home, he set in motion one of the most watched moments on You Tube as Evel Dick went on a vicious attack with banging pots and attacking all the houseguest to ensure his eviction and not his daughters.  It was beyond pure genius for a villain so hated by many to stay in the house and to blindside a fellow nominee who never saw it coming.  His game was ruthless, but at least he owned up to it.

Season three contestant Danielle Reyes comes in at the fourth spot. She was a deceptive competitor to say the least. Her ability to lay low, observe contestants and use information to her advantage to ensure that she and her partner Jason made it to the end was quite epic. She is the first houseguest I can think of that has never found herself on the nomination block in her season. It was indeed an impressive feat. Unfortunately, she loss the game by a landslide in a vote that still dumbfounds me to a bitter jury who was unable to put their emotions to the side.

Janelle, Janelle! She is indeed a contest that is revered in the “Big Brother” house because of her game play and ability to call it like she sees it. The game is social and competitive. Winning competitions and socializing with others is a must to the game. In season six, she was perhaps the one contestant that the players attempted to eliminate on multiple occasions, but she wouldn’t go out without a fight like her counterpart James.  She changed the dynamic during a double eviction no one saw coming and has that infamous line to fellow houseguest Jennifer, “Bye, Bye B*****!” Indeed a classic.  As someone said, during the all-stars season, her wins were just as impressive and she should have been sitting next to Mike Boogie, Erika or Dr. Will in the finale. She is the only contestant to play two impeccable seasons and not win the coveted prize.

Landing at the number two spot is perhaps an evil mastermind in season 10 and season 14 in contestant Dan Gheesling. There is a reason I did not place Dan in the number one spot over Dr. Will Kirby.  I will explain that reasoning later.  Dan was a mastermind in season 10, planting lies and letting deception play his bidding.  It was no argument he would defeat his ally Memphis by a landslide in the finale.  In season 14, Dan excelled to glorious proportions with his ‘mist’ to influence houseguest to not see how dangerous he really was. ‘Dan’s Funeral’ by far was one of the most strategic moves ever made in “Big Brother” history.

To blindside the houseguests and his closest ally, was genius. He used their emotions to get the best of them and to save his self from sure eviction.  Great tactics have been played, but nothing to that degree.  The fact that he lost to a bitter jury, who voted with emotion compared to game play, was indeed a travesty.  If another all-star season is to come around, he must be in the cast.

So, why isDr.Will Kirby from season two of “Big Brother” the greatest player of all time?  He played the game with such deception and cunning tactics where competition was not at its peak in the series.  There was no Power of Veto, no Diamond Power of Veto or any secret powers.  Heck, the jury didn’t let the betrayal or backstabbing affect their vote. Houseguests voted on strategy, not emotion.  He was forced to play the game on social tactics alone and did exceptional at doing so when he was a hated houseguest.

His ability to get in good graces with all the houseguests was superb; and the icing on the cake is the fact that he never won a single competition during both times he competed!  Not once!  Not even the VETO when he competed in all-stars.  To play the game without a single win and to manipulate yourself to the finale and fourth place is strategy alone. I don’t see any contestant besides this mastermind being able to pull off such a feat.  Could he do it all over again?  That is the big question; if a second all-stars were to come around next season (I think it will, fingers crossed!), Dr. Kirby may get the opportunity to prove once again why he’s the greatest.

By LaDale Anderson