SAN FRANCISCO—A Walgreens located in San Francisco has been closed due to a severe rat infestation as first reported on Friday, November 12.

The store located on 1333 Castro Street was closed this week with a sign on its windows reading that it was closed due, “to technical difficulties.” According to reports, this is the store’s only health violation in the last five years.  This is the only Walgreens in San Francisco currently closed due to an infestation.

An inspector reported that food was contaminated and/or adulterated on the store’s sale floor and storage area. Rat droppings were found on shelves and around food products on the top storage area. One dead rat was found on a glue trap.

The Walgreens will be closed until further notice. Once health hazards have been cleared the store will be able to resume operations.

Health inspectors require that Walgreens hire a pest control operator, seal all open gaps, and clean and sanitize the areas in question.

Customers with prescriptions at the location  are advised to go to the Walgreens at 5260 Diamond Heights Blvd for pickup.