HOLLYWOOD—The ratings for Super Bowl LIII were still good, even though it was a snoozer. While 100.7 million viewers watched the show, the numbers were a bit low. It was the lowest for a Super Bowl match since 2009. It still ranks as the most watched program of the year in the United States, it’s lacks a certain charisma. Many factors come in to play, including weather, and an interest in the two teams. Let’s face it, how many more times is the New England Patriots expected to win.

According to the Nielsen data ratings, it says the game was watched “in all -or-part” by 149 million people on the network, meaning that a lot of people channel surfed. Those that had to work, of course, missed the show. About 2.6 million people live-streamed the game through a variety of sites and apps, a 31 percent increase in streaming from last year’s Super Bowl, which seemed more intriguing. The half-time show was another snooze-fest.

No offense to the performers, the fans want to see someone like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé or Guns ‘N’ Roses. While Maroon 5 has sold over 53 million albums and 48 million singles, with nine No. 1 hits, the fans wanted more. As for the other special guests, people just weren’t impressed. Hopefully, next year, they will invite Gun’s N’ Roses and see how the numbers will take off.

“A Star is Born.”

Besides, the 61st Annual Grammy Awards which will be held on Sunday, February 10, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We have the anticipated host-less Oscars this month, which was recently confirmed that it will be a host-less ceremony for the first time in 30 years.

Since no A-listers are willing to take the role of host, the head of ABC Entertainment, which airs the Academy Awards ceremony, said it would highlight celebrities presenting the trophies. Alright, let’s see how that will work out, with the ratings. Back in December comedian Kevin Hart pulled out of the hosting duties following a controversy over old homophobic tweets, and since then no one stepped up to the plate. Just like the Super Bowl half-time, no A-listers wanted it.

As a host of the Oscars, they usually open with a monologue, as well as throwing in memorable comedic moments. So this year, the celebrities are the main attraction. So basically, they want to keep the mystery, so you can tune in and watch and get the ratings up. Let’s look at the last time, back in 1989, with no host. It proved highly controversial, the opening number featured Rob Lowe and an actress dressed as Disney’s Snow White. Following the show, a group of Hollywood figures wrote an open letter after the ceremony, calling the telecast ” an embarrassment to both the Academy and the entire motion picture industry.”

Even the Walt Disney Company filed a legal action against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, accusing the organization of copyright infringement. The role of anchoring the Oscars always creates problems for the A-listers, that’s why it is considered “the least wanted job in Hollywood.” The controversy about Hart’s tweets and the choice not to replace him with a host follows a difficult few years for the Academy. At the 2017 ceremony it was known for the so-called “Envelopegate” scandal, in which “La La Land” was wrongly named Best Picture instead of the actual winner “Moonlight.”

Than back in 2015 and 2016 the Academy was stung with #OscarsSoWhite campaign. The role of host traditionally involves the evening beginning with a light-hearted musical number, followed by a monologue poking gentle fun at the assembled nominees. Once the monologue is over, the host’s role is to introduce the various awards presenters and comic interludes, and to smooth things over when things go awry.

Even Billy Crystal, didn’t want the job, he hosted the ceremony nine times between 1990 and 2012. So we’ll see if Oscar ratings will be lower because a lack of a host. One thing is for sure, everyone is looking forward to Lady Gaga’s performance with Bradley Cooper as they perform “Shallow” which is nominated for Best Original Song.

Rose’s Scoop: Birthday wishes go out to Cristiano Ronaldo who turned 34 on February 5. On February 6, Axl Rose, turned 57 years old. With every candle is another year of wisdom…another year of experience that only comes with age. Stop counting candles and start counting blessings.