CALIFORNIA—Gina Ledor, a founder of Baking For Black Lives Matter, established a group of students in the Bay Area and started raising funds by selling baked goods to aid the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“We started this project during the nationwide protests triggered by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Many of us are eager to help support this movement, but it can be hard to know how to get involved. Since many of us are avid bakers, we decided to put our talents to good use,” commented Ledor. Baking For Black Lives Matter makes donations to Black Lives Matter-affiliated organizations. It has already raised about $10,000 and achieved more than 200 orders in three months.

Ledor recently graduated from high school. Ledor and 25 bakers make baked goods and deliver them to customers’ doors based on the amount of donation. Customers will receive a dozen cookies or cupcakes for donations between $15 and $25 and receive two dozen of smaller goodies or one larger item like a pie or cake for donations between $35 and $50.

Ledor told ABC 7 News, “I can’t standby and watch the injustice across our country when I have privilege that I can use. I think that it is really important as a non-Black person that I do my part as an ally.”

According to their website, there are four steps to assist the organization:

    • Step 1: Donate to an organization or fund of your choice following their suggestions.
    • Step 2: Save the proof of donation.
    • Step 3: Select your location and fill out the Google form. (Bay Area, California or Grand Rapids, Michigan)
    • Step 4: Enjoy the sweets!

To learn more information visit their website or Instagram page. Questions can be sent to