HOLLYWOOD—It looks like cheating should be on the menu for the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Devon and Amanda are dunzo, same with Abby and Chance as a result of Devon and Abby hooking up. Yeah, unexpected, but it happened. Abby is heartbroken and something is pointing towards Abby and Devon becoming an item, which not everyone knows exactly what transpired. Adam was hinted by Chance, but he didn’t disclose who the other person Abby cheated with.

However, Lily may have said too much to Nate, who seems to suspect that Devon did something horrific with Abby leading to Amanda cutting ties with him. Nate has become quite the sinister character and the fact that Lily is willing to forgive him so quickly when he was about to steal the company you were running is mind-boggling to me to say the least. That is beyond betrayal because he’s family and the way he went about it was so deceptive that forgiveness could be possible, but not a month later.

Nate Hastings has become a very unlikeable character in my opinion and I honestly do not see that changing anytime soon with his new allegiance with Victoria Newman of all people. Let’s talk about the Newman’s for a moment. Adam and Sally are over, but they just slept together! Make that make sense because I guess this was Sally’s way of getting closure, but you don’t sleep with someone to prove that. Especially when you have the guy who you’re building a relationship with Adam’s brother, Nick of all people.

As a result of learning about Adam and Sally sleeping together, Nick pumped the brakes slightly on their relationship. However, another relationship or two or three to be honest worth watching is between Sharon and Chance. Something is building there people and it is long overdue for Sharon in my opinion. Yes, she did just lose Rafe, but this woman deserves to be happy. I was hoping it would be with Nick, but the writers are not headed in that direction just yet. There is a slow chemistry building, but I can indeed see it America and I like it. I’m not so sure Abby will be happy that her former sister-in-law is hooking up with her hubby, but she cheated first people.

Another couple worth watching is Lily and Daniel. There are major rifts in Lily’s relationship with Billy because of Chelsea. Let’s just call it as we see it, Lily is jealous of Billy and Chelsea’s bond. If she could see past her jealously she would realize Billy was helping someone in a time of desperate need. There was no romantic interest, until you started to push and signal to Chelsea you’re jealous which Billy has picked up on. The more time Billy and Chelsea spend together it is bound to happen and this week really teased that.

Lily is spending more and more time with Daniel now that he is back in town. They are reconnecting on their former relationship and he has become a confidant for Lily, as her relationship with Billy is suffering as a result of Chelsea. I like this spark and I want to see more of it in the coming weeks, these two were great together back in the day and to see them reunited it would be glorious.

At long last, it’s time to talk about Jack and Diane because she has Jack Abbott wrapped around her finger. Jeremy Stark has made his way to Genoa City and the threats have been fired, so much to the point that Diane literally spiraled in front of Jack. Who embraced his former lover and I thought they were on the verge of a kiss, but nope. Diane hurled accusations against Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki. Jack was not happy and let Phyllis have it, so did Diane and Phyllis is in hot water with everyone, especially Kyle and Summer who don’t believe Phyllis. Phyllis had her own encounter with Jeremy that left her rattled, so she might have poked the wrong bear this time around.

She is starting to realize she may have unleashed a danger that she had no idea the treachery he is capable of. Jeremy’s presence is indeed a sinister one, but what precisely he’s after, who knows because Jack was willing to throw money his way to get him to leave Diane alone, but Jeremy was not interested, so that tells me revenge must be on his mind. Tucker seems the least bit concerned, as the audience learned he was hooking up with Audra, who is Noah’s ex, who he shared a passionate kiss with, before halting it. Oh, I wonder what Allie will say about that kiss.