SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, April 10 a group of renegade motorists blocked the Bay Bridge by the Yerba Buena Tunnel. They cut off traffic to burn rubber “doughnuts,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The eastbound lanes were blocked causing traffic for miles. Around 50 cars ended up being part of the show that was filmed and put onto Instagram. The Instagram user “Bay Area Movement” posted the video on their page showing a black car spinning doughnuts on the bridge as a white car pulls up behind.

The “Bay Area Movement” has similar posts on their page, but there is no mention of the owner of the car or name of the driver. The “Bay Area Movement” Instagram page has been set to private as of April 15.

Officer Williams, of the California Highway Patrol, told San Francisco News that since this is an ongoing active investigation they can’t release a lot of details. Officer Williams did tell San Francisco News that the black vehicle in the Instagram video looks like a two-door Pontiac.