SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, May 28, the city of San Francisco made an announcement that local restaurants and bars serving food will be able to open for outdoor dining on June 15 of this year. This comes as part of the plan to reopen San Francisco’s economy.

The first is Phase 1 to 2a and it is the phase the city is currently in. These business operations are in the process of resuming: construction, hotels and rentals for essential travel, essential manufacturing, gardening and home maintenance, elective surgeries and dental appointments, in-person real estate appointments adhering to social distancing, curbside retail, professional sports practices, equipment rental for outdoor activities, day cares and preschools with groups up to 12, parks, outdoor museums, and fenced-in dog parks. San Francisco will be in this phase until June 15, according to the city government’s website.

The second is Phase 2b, which is said to begin on June 15. This phase will see the reopening of more business operations, such as outdoor fitness classes, non-emergency medical appointments, private indoor household services, outdoor dining, indoor retail, professional sports games with no spectators, religious services, and summer camps with groups up to 12. This phase is planned to last from June 15 to July 13 of this year.

The third is Phase 3, which is said to begin at some point in mid-August, although the exact date is unknown. This is when gyms, movie theaters, tattoo and piercing parlors, nail salons, and all bars are said to reopen. This is also when schools (primary, secondary, and higher education) are planned to reopen. Indoor museums, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools, and zoos will be allowed to reopen at this time as well. The exact date for Phase 4 is currently unknown, and according to the San Francisco City Government’s website, “The timing for Phase 4 will depend on our experience in Phases 1 to 3.” Phase 4 will be when the economy is fully reopened, and social distancing will be lifted.

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