SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, May 28, local health officials passed a new health order that requires people in San Francisco to wear a face covering outside in “most circumstances.”

Under the new order, which is scheduled to go into effect at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 29, face masks will be required for most outdoor activities. The health order requires people to wear a face mask during the following situations:

-While exercising within 30 feet of someone you don’t live with

-Walking past someone on the sidewalk

-While working or seeking services from both essential and non-essential businesses. 

-Preparing food or other items for sale or distribution to people who are not members of one’s household.

-In a taxi or ride share vehicle

-Waiting in line for a business

There are a few exceptions to wearing a face mask. According to health officials, face coverings will not be needed when:

-You’re inside your car alone

-You’re with people you live with

-You’re picnicking by yourself or with household members at least 6 feet away from other groups.

-If you’re walking, hiking, biking, or running by yourself or people you live with.

The new announcement comes after Mayor London Breed revealed a timeline for reopening. Officials have stated that such measures are necessary to help reduce the spread of the virus as the city begins to open up again.

Mayor  Breed posted a tweet on Thursday that read:

“As we begin to go out into the community more, we need to take additional precautions. Starting tomorrow, we will be requiring face coverings when you’re out of your home and around people outside of your household, both indoors and outdoors.”

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