HOLLYWOOD—Well it looks like Chelsea’s plan to frame her lover Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless” is working as planned. For starters, Rey is certain that Adam poisoned him after finding all the evidence at his penthouse. Adam was baffled to the fact that he was being setup, as well as Victor, who suspect that Billy Abbott was the guilty party; unfortunately you would be wrong moustache.

Adam is on the run as the cops hunt for him, but there was a hiccup in the plan: Faith Newman. Yes that is right, that boy Faith thought was her secret admirer was none other than her ‘pal’ Jordan. Faith was so disheartened by what transpired she got drunk and got behind the wheel, crashing in the process. She was in bad shape, and it would have been worse if Adam didn’t stop to assist his niece in her time of need.

Here’s the thing: no one knew it was Adam, except Sharon, however, that all changed when Victor and Nick discovered from the hospital footage it was Adam. Victor already believed Adam was being framed for Rey’s poisoning, but Nick wasn’t so sure, but I’m certain this will change things. There is one major hiccup in Chelsea’s plan to get back at Adam: he has discovered that his wife has been faking her progress. Yes, Chelsea, you should have the perception that eyes are looking at you at all times.

Adam now suspects that his wife is up to no good, the problem is he has to get someone to believe in his theory and that person happens to be Sharon. Like I said, the Adam and Sharon romance is about to heat up in a major way and all because of Adam’s shenanigans. I mean he just saved Faith, of course Sharon is going to be indebted to him now America.

In other, Genoa City news, Phyllis really has amplified her hatred for Sally Spectra. She is on a mission to get rid of the other red head in the city, so much to the point she has teed off Lauren as well, and raised suspicions for Jack Abbott. Jack has been fiercely loyal to Sally, but one wonders if the truth about her past coming out in Los Angeles will change it. Phyllis latest plan will draw Wyatt Spencer to GC. This could be interesting because ‘Felony Flo’ never disclosed to Wyatt that she spoke to Summer and shared all the details about Sally’s past. We’ll talk about Flo in our “Bold and Beautiful” recap America so don’t worry she will indeed get torched.

Wyatt wants to allow the past to be the past, but with this latest development I wonder if it will create some ruffles in Flo and Wyatt’s relationship, one can only hope America. Lily and Devon’s brother, Moses arrived in Genoa City to shadow his cousin Nate in the medical field. It already looks like a possible pairing could be in the works between Moses and Faith. We all know that girl needs a champion on her side right now.  Tension is still evident between Nate, Elena, Amanda and Devon, but it seems Devon and Amanda might be getting to some middle ground now that he is a listening ear for her family issues.

Yes, in a turn of events, Naya reached out to Amanda asking her to defend her grandfather against charges of murder. Guess who he murdered: Amanda’s father. Yes, just when you think things cannot get interesting they do. Making matters juicier is the fact that Amanda’s father apparently worked at Newman Enterprises some years ago. The plot thickens and I cannot wait to see where this story heads America.

Amanda came face-to-face with her grandfather Sutton, who man, this guy is a tool to say the least. Why do I say that? He has a nonchalant attitude about his decision to force his daughter, Naya to give up her twins, Hilary and Amanda. If we ever wanted to know why Amanda behaves the way she behaves, look at Sutton people. He made it clear he wants her to help his case by representing him in the murder charge he is facing, and how he can open up doors for her. She wanted no linkage to her grandfather, even though she suspects he was not responsible for the crime he’s being accused of.

Speaking of Newman Enterprises, it looks like Ashland Locke is about to make his presence in Genoa City known in ways we could never imagine. It is not solely for handling business affairs, it’s to exact a bit of revenge. Kyle finally spilled a bit of tea to his father that he slept with Ashland wife Tara. What Kyle DID NOT tell dear ole day is that he is a grandfather?

Ashland is a perceptive man and knew something was up with Kyle and wife. He flat out asked Kyle if he slept with his wife and the look on Kyle’s face seemed to confirm it all America. Jack knows Ashland knows about Tara and Kyle, and Ashland made a move by digging into the financials of Jabot Cosmetics.

It looks like the war between the Ashland family and the Jabot family is about to erupt and I am starting to worry who will be caught in the crossfire and what will be the end result when the dust settles. This has got to be a fascinating story that looks to usher absolute chaos as we sneak up on May sweeps.