SAN FRANCISCO—Michelin-starred restaurant Hashiri has set up enclosures along the sidewalk of its location near Mission and 5th Street, to follow regulations as a result of COVID-19.

At the beginning of August 2020, the Japanese restaurant put up plastic-covered Geodesic Igloo domes to allow for customers to eat at their restaurant in the middle of the pandemic. 

Hashiri is located on Mint Plaza near Mint and 5th Streets which houses a population of homeless individuals along its sidewalks. According to the Press Democrat, the establishment received hate mail from members of the community who viewed the domes as “anti-homeless.”

The domes were originally removed by health officials after they deemed them unsafe because of their lack of ventilation.

The company posted the following message on its Instagram page: “Signed, sealed and delivered. With small modifications we are back in business.

We have implemented necessary modifications required by the health department and happy to announce that the Hashiri dining experience will be offered in our modified Geodesic Igloo domes.”

Kenichiro Matsuura, the general manager of Hashiri, told ABC 7 News that the “big bubbles” cost around $1,400 each. 

Reservations for a meal at Hashiri in its enclosures currently stands at $200 per guest.