HOLLYWOOD—Will they or will they not? That seems to be a reoccurring theme on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” that I just cannot seem to wrap my mind around. The writers seem to LOVE to repeat the same storyline over and over again, and let me just say it’s boring. For weeks, fans have wanted Brooke and Ridge to reunite and just when they were about to, we are thrown a curveball courtesy of the writers to reignite Bill Spencer’s torch for Brooke.

I’m going to be honest it seemed to come out of nowhere because Bill seemed so headstrong on making things work with Katie. This was especially after she nearly died and needed a kidney transplant. As a result, they bonded deeper than ever, but in a sudden shakeup Bill and Brooke shared a kiss that Shauna recorded, gave to Quinn and the rest is history.

Just when Ridge and Brooke were about to celebrate their reunion, here comes Quinn dropping a bug in Bill’s ear and he just ran to Brooke? There seemed to lack a lot of plausibility in my opinion that just did not add up for me at all America. It made no freaking sense. However, Bill professed his love, Ridge, who Brooke thought left the house, heard it all and was livid in the process.

He ran to Shauna, Brooke witnessed them in bed and they severed ties for now. Cue Bill running back to Brooke to profess his love, but she was not interested in people. Look, I’m going to tell you how this will end because we all know it will happen. Quinn and Shauna’s role in filing those divorce papers will be exposed, I sense Flo will learn about it and want to keep it a secret to protect her mom, Wyatt will be burned by Flo keeping secrets yet again, and Quinn’s world will be blown up for her devious deeds that Eric has ignored.

Yes, it’s only September, but I sense that come November sweeps the truth will be unleashed and all hell will break loose which will be fun to watch to say the least. Till then, we have to deal with other storylines, one involving Carter and Zoe. Yes, Carter is finally getting a storyline America and it’s about time to say the least America. This has been hinted, but it seems that Zoe and Carter are about to become an item, I wonder if something will be thrown into the mix to cause a bit of chaos? I am certain it is people.

With that said, it looks like the Steffy is addicted to pain pills storyline is kicking into gear and it’s about to ignite a rivalry with Hope who is concerned about Steffy and her ability to care for Kelly. Yeah, Hope you’re overstepping your boundaries. The worst thing you can tell another parent is how to raise their child. I swear if this turns into another Steffy, Liam and Hope love triangle I am totally done with “B&B.”

Please as a viewer, I am begging for you to stop with this because it’s been overextended to the point that I seriously cannot take it any longer. So with Dr. Finn in the mix now, it looks like he could be the hero waiting in the wings to save Steffy who is certain to take a tumble in the coming weeks America.