HOLLYWOOD—Well we have a new rivalry on “The Young and the Restless” and it is one that I did NOT expect, but I kind of did and it’s the war between Sally and Chelsea. A few weeks before I speculated I did NOT know what Chelsea’s angle was when she returned to Genoa City, but now it’s crystal clear: she wants Adam Newman back.

I made it crystal clear if the writer’s traveled down this path yet again it would be boring and it looks the writers considered the notion, before realizing the spark between Sally and Adam is much stronger than the spark between Chelsea and Adam. Adam and Chelsea had chances, it didn’t work and it’s time to move on.

It was interesting to see Adam be the person to decide his love affair with Chelsea was finally over. That did NOT make Chelsea happy who spotted Adam and Sally getting cozy people. She has already told Chloe that Sally needs to be fired, and I can see the friction only picking up in the coming weeks people. Adam also has to deal with the blowback of Billy confessing that he has been playing him for weeks.

Yes, too many people learned about Billy’s plan and as a result he confessed to Adam that he was not gambling nor was he drinking again. Adam took a blow to his ego as a result, but the person he needs to worry about is Victoria. Why? She seems to want to regain Newman Media and will do almost anything to make sure that transpires. I’m tired of the ongoing war between members of the Newman family going after each other. Victoria, you have your happily ever-after with Ashland Locke. Can you just be happy and move along?

Rumors are circulating that Ashland might be faking his cancer diagnosis, which is something I have speculated for months. Something always felt off about the situation and if it’s revealed that he has been faking his diagnosis to gain control of the great Newman empire, it will be a devastating blow to both Victor and Victoria and it will unleash all hell and the storyline would be riveting to say the least.

A custody battle could be brewing between Devon, Abby and Chance over Dominic. Devon made it clear he wanted to have more of a role in his biological son’s life, but Abby and Chance don’t think that is a good idea. However, with Amanda in his corner, it makes it more likely that Devon might have the ammunition to seek custody of his child even if Abby and Chance are against it.

This could be a dicey situation because Devon would ultimately be going to war with the Newmans and the Abbotts. Is that something Devon wants to do people? Not sure, he has the means (i.e. money to do it) rather its smart is another story people. District Attorney Michael Baldwin has decided it’s time to retire, as he got an episode dedicated to his decades on the soap. It still makes me wonder why “Y&R” has all these great characters that are placed on the backburner for characters we see all the time. C’mon let’s mix and shake things up a bit.

A potential love triangle could be brewing between Nate, Elena and Imani. Why? Elena realizes that Imani has eyes for her boyfriend, but made it clear for Imani to stay away. Could this be interesting? Yes because Nate has a spark for Imani that was seen when she first arrived in town. Relationships are being tested people on “Y&R” new ones forging, old ones falling apart, it should be a fun few weeks.