HELLO AMERICA!—Even though millions of Americans claim they are tired of reading about the Kardashians, they are still buying any news article concerning the wild and dizzy world of that family. This time around the spotlight is on brother, Rob Kardashian who is making serious social rounds with former stripper Blac Chyna.

One source close to the Kardashian clan made it quite clear that even though the family would like nothing more than see Rob settled down with someone who was not a part of the wild fast lane life of Hollywood, it is generally believed that Chyna would only usher in even more drama which would complicate his life even more. Sister Kim who has always been protective about her young brother refuses to be silent when it comes to his future. “It’s fine to date and to get to know people of your own age and interest,” she offered to a group of reporters recently. “However, it’s a different matter when after a few dates or phone calls you make hints about an engagement. It’s ludicrous which leads to a lot of heartache and disappointment.”

Khloe Kardashian has publically expressed her concern about Rob’s future. His TV stint and success on DWTS served as a major positive step in making him believe in himself. He had always managed to linger in the background, very seldom up front facing the spotlight. However, after his huge success on DWTS the ABC network suddenly was being overwhelmed by a new and young fan base. “My brother is a very sensitive and giving person,” Khloe said. “It takes time to really get close to him. He has always managed to stay out of the spotlight but now I think he’s beginning to feel more comfortable.”

If Chris has anything to do with it, her son will think twice before jumping into a marriage that he, emotionally, is not ready to handle. Khloe admits that they have learned, as a family, not to be negative about very personal decisions made within the family group itself. “If something doesn’t work out,” Khloe offers, “then we hopefully have learned something and try not to make the same mistake. And yes, we have quite a list and it’s still growing!”

Basically, Rob enjoys developing and dealing with business projects. When it was suggested that he and Blac Chyna would make millions should their wedding be produced as a TV special. Rob reacted in a very positive way. As a result, there are reports that “pitchmen” are working on ideas for the possible “engaged” couple to make some offers similarto that of Kim and Kanye’s a few years back. Of course, Rob who obviously enjoys any “business” challenge will quickly put this at the top of the list. What about the side of him identified as a married man with certain, emotional, legal responsibilities?

He is still in his 20s existing and enjoying benefits of living in the exciting fast lane of Tinsel Town, well known for its fantasies, ones which are usually temporary? What about Blac Chyna, a former stripper and currently model who definitely has ideas what her life should include?

Rob is receiving tons of fan mail begging him not to jump into anything when it comes to a Hollywood type marriage. Many ambitious women arrive in this town with their eyes set on the guy or gal who might open the golden gates to wealth and success. Sadly, these men actually delude themselves in believing these women are genuinely in love with them and not what they can offer them. Even after four or five divorces they still can’t or won’t face the truth. We hope that Rob Kardashian won’t be another celebrity