SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police say a man shot himself in the leg just moments after he left the scene of an armed robbery. The robbery took place on Thursday, June 11, in the Mission District at approximately 3:00 a.m. on the corner of Bartlett and 23rd Street.

The unnamed victim was left unharmed after two suspects held him at gunpoint and took his wallet, cell phone and watch. As the two suspects attempted to escape, one of them, later identified as 18 year-old Jose Jimenez, shot himself in the leg and was apprehended by officers on patrol in the area.

Jimenez was arrested on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy, kidnapping, battery and giving false identification, said Officer Grace Gatpandan, a police spokeswoman. It has not been made clear if the other suspect has been apprehended.

In 2012, San Francisco reported 3,484 robberies, almost three times the national average.