SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco political consultant, Juan Enrique Pearce, was issued a court-ordered prohibition on Friday, June 12 against interacting with any minors while out on bail for child pornography charges.

The 41-year-old was arrested in May on six felony counts ranging from sexual sadism to possession of stolen property, as stated by the San Francisco District Attorney. Nearly 5,000 images of child pornography, some including infants, were uncovered from Pearce’s two laptop computers during the investigation. An additional 115 images of young boys were discovered on Pearce’s cell phone.
Pearce’s Attorney, Edwin Prather, stands by his client’s claim of “not guilty,” advocating that Pearce’s images were used for “advertising” purposes.
A hearing for the former employee of Mayor Edward Lee, and other public political figures, will be held August 25. Pearce will continue to work, but the court’s prohibition will severely limit his mobility, even preventing him from attending events such as family barbecues where minors will be present.