SAN FRANCISCO—A city permit is halting the Robot Dance Party at Dolores Park to return.

Robot Dance Party, San Francisco’s favorite dancing robot, was banned from the park last month after park rangers informed its owner that he required a permit to continue performing.

Chris Hirst, the man behind the suit, donned his homemade metallic getup and danced to popular tunes at the park since 2010.

On Monday, July 27, Hirst met with Supervisor Scott Wiener and city officials to discuss the steps necessary for him to return to the park.

“I had the meeting with Supervisor Wiener because he had publicly stated his support, and so I wanted to sit down with him and work out exactly how to make that happen in a way that would work in everyone’s best interest,” Hirst said. “I was assured that all I need to do is apply for a permit, which would give me full permission to perform in the park any time I want to, and would only need to be renewed on an annual basis.”

Hirst said he wasn’t given a specific dollar figure for the permit, but was told “it would not be expensive.” A timetable for a return to the park remains dependent on how quickly the permit can be obtained.

“My agent is taking care of the details and I’m hoping that it’s moving forward smoothly,” Hirst said. “Everyone at the meeting seemed to be acting in good faith and I was left feeling confident that my interests were being recognized.”

In addition to his performances at Dolores Park, Hirst and his robot suit have also made appearances at SantaCon, the Gay Pride Parade and the Treasure Island Music Festival. He said he regularly performs three to five private events a month as well.

Supervisor Wiener said he has always been “a big supporter of Robot Dance Party.”

“He’s one of the things that keeps Dolores Park fun, interesting, and quirky. He’s also been helpful with efforts to educate park goers about the importance of picking up their trash,” Weiner said. “I look forward to seeing him back in action.”