HELLO AMERICA!—If you are one who has the responsibility of addressing or speaking to businesses, organizations or just individuals, it might serve you well to get guidance and technique advice from someone with expertise in the field such as Rosalyn Kahn.

She is an internationally recognized expert in the field who is an author (Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World -published by Solutions Press) and has taken audiences by storm with her dynamic way of dealing with those who had a dim view of their ability to connect with an audience.

Ms. Kahn has quite a track record; she has conquered not only in America but has given effective, compelling guidance on the TEDx stage and coached numerous TEDx speakers. She spoke in Italy on her book and quickly received requests not only to return but to other international venues, as well. Since her business is coaching and professional speaking, especially for “business learners,” she is highly in demand with two additional TEDx talks “Coming Around the Next Curve” TEDx Youth South Hills and other high schools.

Rosalyn recently spoke at nearly 60 different organizations which included: The Brentwood Library, Storytelling Club, Beverly Hills Networking Group, Southern California Foster Family, Family Empowerment California State Los Angeles, and Southwest Manuscripters. She also made quite an impression with the 12th annual Children’s Festival, SCORE Senior Core of Retired Executives.

Not only that, this “Wonder Woman” of sorts is also working with clients in the hospitality, counseling, real estate, entertainment and athletics departments at major Southern California Universities. It has been observed that coaching to her has to be filled with sincerity and utter passion which brings even the most humble individuals to shine. “It is the most satisfying feeling,” she says, “when watching someone who has been coached, rises with confidence with the kind of passion that rocks an audience.”

She stressed further that it is her responsibility to have those under her guidance, realize how important it is to “motivate” and “inspire” those who listen to whatever they are attempting verbally represent. Her webpage is located at: www.rosalynkahn.com.