UNITED STATES─Why is it that some people fail to behave properly in public? That is something that has always bugged me and I’ve never quite been able to explain why that is. I mean we’re in a pandemic and people still behave like animals and just despicable human beings in the public sphere. You might be saying what specifically has me in such a tizzy. I hate seeing trashed littered in public spaces. The biggest that I’ve seen lately is face masks and gloves.

Yes, we are in a pandemic, but that is no excuse to leave your contaminated masks or gloves in the parking lot or on the sidewalk. Take the mask and gloves off and properly dispose of them in the trash can. What frustrates me the most is the fact that the garbage can is literally inches away or right next to the cart carousel or the entrance to the establishment most people visit. It’s just plain lazy and think about the pollution that you are leaving to the planet and the Earth people.

You may not have to pick up those gloves or that mask you just tossed in the street, but someone else does and you’re putting their health at risks. Stop being damn lazy and stop tossing your trash in the street. It just sheds a bad light on us as Americans and worst of all it is not appealing to see it. This brings me to my next issue and its one that drives me crazy. Can someone please explain to me why is it when you go to some clothing stores, particularly large department stores where clothing is a staple, people don’t care how they toss or leave clothes.

For the everyday consumer, someone spends a considerable amount of time neatly stacking, folding and hanging up those items for you to sift thru. It is so annoying to see tons of clothes LITTERED all over the floor or worse a table of clothes that were neatly stacked, just tossed all over the place with no regard to anyone else. I have literally seen this with my own eyes and it boils my blood. There is no reason to leave a place messier than what it was when you first arrived. You wouldn’t do that at your own home would you? I would hope not, but something tells me some people don’t care and their homes probably look as bad as the department store where they shop.

I feel so sorry for the workers, because I have seen the looks on some of their faces after they literally just hung up a ton of clothes on hangers that were drenched on the floor, probably trampled over by consumers and what was likely hours of work blew up in smoke in a matter of minutes or seconds because someone had no disregard for other people. Is there something we can do as a society to change this?

Probably, a start is to call people out on their antics when you see them. The goal is not to get into a fight with anyone, but at the same time, it’s ok to let people know some things are just not acceptable. I hate to publicly shame people, but sometimes you have to do it because it puts a spotlight on them and no one likes to be publicly shamed. However, if you’re doing something wrong I think you should be publicly shamed because it brings to your attention you should not be doing what you are doing.

Another behavior I’m not a fan of are people talking excessively loud on their cell phones. Look, I know you think you’re important and you want the entire world to know everything you are doing, but some of us don’t care America. We don’t care to know what you ate, who you slept with or what you plan to do. Save those details for your car or your home. Let’s cue the big one, the real big one: be prepared when you get to the register. You already know if you’re paying with cash, credit or debit. Don’t sit at the register and takes minutes trying to make a decision. It is not fair for the rest of us who have been patiently waiting to check out.

I cannot TELL you how many people I’ve seen do this, where they get to the register wanting to check prices on items. Look don’t get in line if you’re not purchasing the item and most stores have price checkers where you can decide if you want something before getting in line and then taking minutes trying to make up one’s mind. While that is bad, nothing is more annoying than when a person tries to return an item without a receipt or past the return date or worst an item they didn’t even purchase from that store.

Yes, this is a habit that I see way too often than what I care to see and why some retailers don’t nail down the hammer on people I will never know. Of course, people have buyer’s remorse, we all do, it is part of life. However, when people try to return things where they no they’re worn the item, opened the box or its way past its return date and then you take up time for others it’s annoying as hell. Those are my grievances for the week; rather people actually listen to the rules of the land that is another story America. We shall see.

Written By Jason Jones