HOLLYWOOD—I would have never expected this latest attack by serial killer Ryan Chamberlain would actually occur on “General Hospital.” Did it appear risky? You’re damn right and the fact that Ryan confessed to Lulu Falconeri that he is indeed Ryan and not Kevin busts this storyline open in a major way. Why? Well, it was not expected. The death of Kiki was a somber one, but for viewers it was expected. The rumor mill had been buzzing for months that Hayley Erin would be exiting the role and all the markers seemed to pinpoint that Ryan would come after her at some point.

However, with Lulu it seemed to come slightly out of left field or it transpired a lot sooner than I could have ever imagined. When Ryan learned that Lulu was putting the pieces together to his puzzle, he transitioned from wanting to target Sonny and Carly, to going after our novice reporter. What’s the problem with this latest attack? Ryan didn’t finish the job. He has a victim, who survived and making the situation worse is she knows the truth. The only problem is Lulu’s condition is so bad; she is not able to convey those details to those hoping for her to pull through. Kiki’s death shattered residents of Port Charles, but Lulu’s attack has scared the living daylights out of everyone; no one is safe. Lulu didn’t just roll over and die. She managed to escape Ryan’s clutches after he went blind causing him to halt in his tracks, allowing Lulu to make a run for it.

With February sweeps kicking off next week, this mystery is about to explode in a major way. There have been teases that Dante Falconeri could return to town in the midst of learning about his wife’s condition, and there is a strong possibility Luke Spencer could return to town as well. Oh, did I mention Lulu’s mother is Laura Webber the newest mayor of Port Charles! Ryan may not have killed Lulu and that is his biggest mistake because his attempt to finish the job will be near impossible with both Sonny (Lulu’s father-in-law) and Laura ensuring her room has security 24/7. Jeez, I just thought Lucky Spencer could even return to PC to catch the killer and ensure his sister lives to breathe another day.

I love seeing the friction between Ava, Carly and Lucy. Lucy is a great addition to the narrative because she is another thorn to Ava and another person who knows Kevin better than anyone else. At first I thought it would be Laura or Carly to uncover the truth, then Lulu, but my instinct tells me it might be Lucy. If there is ANYONE who should be able to peg Ryan as Kevin it’s the woman who loved Doc more than anyone else. Ryan can charade as his brother, but it will be difficult for him to fool the woman that knows Kevin’s heart better than anyone else.

Anna has temporarily regained her sight and it seems her latest medical scare may have been the result of her tormentor Cesar Faison. Wait, isn’t Faison dead? Hmm, this could be quite intriguing to say the least, and if I’m not mistaken he’s cheated death plenty of times before so his return would create all sorts of chaos in Port Charles. It appears that Kevin may have temporarily gone blind, and Carly and Ava came to his aide. Now, this is very interesting America, could Anna’s incident and Ryan’s be connected? If so who unleashed this virus on PC, and why haven’t more people been impacted? I really hope that February sweeps turns into another health crisis for the citizens of PC, it’s been done to death America and I’m slightly over it.

Ryan’s mistakes are about to be quite costly. He left his murder weapon at the crime of the scene, not to mention his bloody footprint was left at the crime scene, and Ava now has her hands on that crucial evidence. The question is what will she do with that evidence and will she be able to connect the dots to realize she’s sleeping with the guy who murdered her daughter.

Willow finally opened up to Chase (of all people), about giving birth and choosing to give her son up for adoption. So could Willow and Chase become an item even though it’s apparent that she has a closer connection to Michael? No, I just don’t see, Willow’s attraction to Michael is too strong, and Julian is on eggshells with the thought of Wiley being taken from Brad and Lucas. One problem, Wiley does not belong to Willow, he belongs to Michael.

Oh, that little Josslyn and Oscar storyline is boring me to death. The writers have to figure out what they want to do with this narrative and do it fast to say the least. The longer it drags the worse it becomes in the long run. Valentine’s Day is coming, and I expect it to be Ryan’s biggest death to date, if it’s not the audience should expect a hell of a secret to come to life. By the way Robert Scorpio is back in town, which means we’re getting closer to learning what transpired with Anna, but I want the answer to the question involving who kidnapped Cassandra. We know it was a Cassadine because they were wearing that ring. I hate when clues are dropped and we are just waiting for the reveal.