SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, May 11, Mayor London Breed launched the “Tenderloin Neighborhood Safety Assessment and Plan for COVID-19”. The comprehensive plan was announced on May 6 and aims to provide safe and sanitary encampments for the homeless to sleep.

This plan is the direct result of complaints and a lawsuit filed by the UC Hastings College of Law against the City and County of San Francisco.

The city’s first Safe Sleeping Village opened up earlier this week and is located in the Civic Center parking lot. It has 50 spaces for tents which are spaced six feet apart, seven portable toilets, and two hand-washing stations.

There are plans in the works to open up more of these Safe Sleeping Villages to help the homeless population as much as possible. For right now, the focus appears to be on the Tenderloin District, as it is densely populated and in desperate need of assistance.

Photo by Lauren Widasky.