HELLO AMERICA!—One of Hollywood’s most prolific artists is proving that one should not be satisfied with just one aspect of success.  It’s important to constantly challenge one’s self, doing so, strengthens the creative gift which would simply lie dormant if not challenged. Salvador Scorza has been the leading creative force behind such lauded publications as Grammy Book, American Music Awards, the Golden Globes, Country Music Awards (CMA book), and so many other entertainment publications having to do with American life itself.

His creative genius made the usual program book have more value because of the artwork, illustrations and the absolute brilliant colors and unexpected lines leading to something unusual concerning the subject involved. To Scorza, it was a journey of truth, a search for something beyond the lights of the usual stars. As a result, the audience hungered to get their hands on a book which represented what good music is all about. DAMN IT, Hollywood has always known what has value or is marketable. However, Sal is the first one to admit that when he is drawing or painting, he never centers on something which might have value, he is more concerned with the search leading to some kind of consummate meaning that might ultimately lead to some other kind of truth.

When I was recently in San Francisco and walked into an Art gallery near the Berkeley campus and spotted one of his works. It was a rather spiritual experience. The lines, colors the awkward shapes and extensions were very similar to a rather complicated concerto work, forcing one from the norm to somewhere not visited before.  It was Stravinsky, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff all in one. The gentleness, fire, and power were there, waiting to be digested.

When Sal Scorza decided to retire from creating the entertainment program books, there was a big “NO!” Of course, he was quite flattered because he had spent so much time and years within the music world, dreaming up pictorial ideas which might represent the magic we all expect each year.

After a few months, he was delighted to be at home to explore other ideas of art; not only that, but retrace some of the exciting, magical explorations of other artists representing another time which might make him feel at home and special. His current work seems to be it. His “Beauty is the Beast” work is quite extraordinary and powerful.  If you are interested to explore more of Salvator’s work, he would be anxious to give you a personal showing. All one has to do is contact him at scorz15@att.net or call: (818) 406-9300.