SAN FRANCISCO—The rooftop park above the Salesforce Transit Center is in need of renovations. The rooftop park cost $32 million to build, and has been open for a month. The walkway which cost $673,000 is already crumbling. The entire Transbay Transit Center was a $2.2 billion project that took a decade to complete.

“It was a pretty unique job, it was a once in a lifetime job,” said Antonio Lopez an electrician who worked on all the other levels of the transit center while speaking to the San Francisco News.

“From my point of view as an electrician we had a lot to deal with, a lot of trouble shooting so I can only imagine the other trades,” said Lopez.

This 5.4 acre rooftop park attracts locals and tourists, some who were unaware of the damage of the walkways as they strolled by or sat on a bench. A couple who was sitting on a bench indicated it was their first time there and they did not notice the crumbling concrete.

“If I came here more often, maybe I would’ve seen a difference over time,” said Thomas Kim to the San Francisco News.