HOLLYWOOD─It was time for things to blow up in a major way on “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Sally Spectra’s scheme to get back her fiancé, Wyatt Fuller culminated in a wicked exposure. Now, look I have to say this because I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever witnessed in my entire life. Why in the hell would Sally and Penny think it would be a good idea to chain Flo Fulton to a radiator inside her apartment?

Someone please explain this to me because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever America and I’m trying to understand the logic, which is baffling. On top of that, Sally decides to spill to Flo and Penny her scheme to seduce Wyatt to become pregnant. C’mon, was this just bad writing all around or did the writers want to wrap up this storyline as fast as they first delivered the twist that Sally wasn’t really dying? Can someone please tell me how in the hell all those symptoms Sally experienced just vanished into thin air? All I’m saying is after being off for weeks, the writers should have been able to tie up any loose ends that were quite evident people.

Flo got the upper hand causing Sally to fall and strike her head. During that time, she wrote a message on Sally’s body that Wyatt witnessed when she tried to seduce him and he showed a bit of rage for once. I guess no matter how upset the fandom might be with the Wyatt and Flo pairing, it is indeed the future and there is nothing that fans can do to change that. We can either continue to watch or just hope the writers send the two off to the sunset to live happily ever-after. This had to be the worst rescue I have ever seen, it was overly dramatic, but worst of all Flo couldn’t escape a radiator and she was tied by stockings? This is just poor writing people and not in a good way.

Sally found herself facing the consequences of her actions being exposed by Wyatt, Flo and the rest of the world for not only faking her illness, but kidnapping Flo in the process. She was already a pariah when she first arrived in town, and she was never given a fair shake thanks to Bill Spencer, Thomas and Wyatt all screwing her over in the process. When confronted with the truth, Sally suffered a real medical emergency, which makes me wonder are the writers turning a twist into a twist, but actually giving Sally a true illness that will ultimately kill her?

Hmm, we shall see. With that said, the other tale is the introduction of Dr. Finnegan, who is rumored to be Steffy’s new love interest. Not only is he treating her after that nasty motorcycle crash involving Bill Spencer. Bill, that guy just finds a way to get entangled in the most in opportune situations imaginable people. If he thought Ridge didn’t hate him enough for kissing Brooke, the chance he could have killed his only remaining daughter was enough to make Ridge scream red. These two guys really don’t like each other America, and it seems that hate is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Luckily for all, Steffy will be just fine; it’s going to take time for her to properly heal from the injuries she sustained in the crash. I think it’s safe to say we have finally reached a point where the Liam and Steffy love affair is caput, but Liam’s jealous side is emerging as Steffy gets closer with her doctor. Oh, how the tables turn people. Now that this Flo and Wyatt drama is out the way, we can truly focus on some actual drama viewers can sink their teeth into.