SAN FRANCISO—The San Francisco 49ers’ stadium app with VenueNext raised $9 million to move beyond the field. Both Twitter and Live Nation recently invested in the company forcing the industry to take a look at the profitable social media impact this app will play as it expands to more venues and arenas.

Causeway Media Partners also joins Twitter and Live Nation as investors for taking VenueNext to the next level. Causeway’s managing partner, Mark Wan, is also a co-owner of the 49ers where the technology was developed.

The 49ers’ formed app announced Thursday, June 25 that it will open to other stadiums throughout the world. The app services were previously only available at Levi Stadium. It is a way for patrons to have an optimal experience at Levi Stadium, and beyond. VenueNext provides travel and parking recommendations for stadium ticket holders. People can also use the app to help them find their seats, order food for delivery without missing a play, and even watch instant replays. It caters to events with large crowds.

The team has been using the app since opening day of the 2014 season. The stadium intends to be paperless for the 2015 season. The app made $1.25-$3 million last year. The auto insurance company, eSurance, paid $750,000 in advertising.