SAN FRANCISCO─San Francisco Design Week, the biggest design festival on the West Coast will run from Thursday, June 20 thru Friday, June 28. This year’s theme is “Community,” which will focus on the impacts of design and innovation within the community to make the world a better place.

The creative director and partner of Mucho, the marketing team behind the SF Design Week event, states “We’re excited to orchestrate ‘CommUNITY’ to help raise awareness that we can all play a small part in contributing towards a common goal by working and collaborating together…We can’t change the world with broad brush strokes, in isolation. Working with our friends and neighbors is key.”

The non-profit organization responsible for SF Design Week is AIGA SF. They are the largest and oldest design association in the Bay Area.

SF Design Week started in 2006 and has grown to feature more than 60 studio tours and 300 events. They are located throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Oakland. Some highlights of the event include the public forum “How to Speak Machine” from renowned tech designer John Maeda on June 20 or a walking tour of BART East Bay discussing its design and history on June 23. The central location of San Francisco Design Week, “The Hub” will only be open from June 20 thru June 21. It will host the opening night party amongst other exhibitions throughout the day at Pier 27.

Tickets for all events are required and are available for purchase online through their website. Individual event prices range from $10-$50, but workshops can range from $50 to $300. All events vary in time and length.