SAN FRANCISCO—The top finishers for all of the 38th San Francisco Marathon events have been announced.

More than 25,000 runners participated in the events, which included a full marathon (26.2 miles), an “ultamarathon” (52.4 miles), two half-marathons (13.1 miles), and a 5K (5 kilometers, 3.1 miles) run.

For the full marathon, the top three male finishers were:

  1. Chris Mocko, 29, of San Francisco, CA, with a time of 2:26:22
  2. Benjamin Eversole, 22, of Castro Valley, CA, with a time of 2:29:13
  3. Jorge Maravilla, 37, of Mill Valley, CA, with a time of 2:29:39

This is not the first marathon win for Mocko, who has won many California marathons, including the Napa and Oakland marathons.

The top three female finishers were:

  1. Anna Bretan, 30, of Berkley, CA, with a time of 2:49:41
  2. Devon Yanko, 33, of San Anselmo, CA, with a time of 2:56:25
  3. Joanna Reyes, 23, of San Jose, CA, with a time of 3:00:49

This is the third consecutive San Francisco Marathon win for Bretan.

Graham Hedger, 51, of London, England, was the top male finisher for the ultramarathon. Hedger finished the first marathon in 3:22:21, and the second in 3:59:59. His combined time was 7:22:20.

Whitney Meredith, 31, of St. Paul, MN, was the top female finisher for the ultramarathon. Meredith finished the first marathon in 4:47:58, and the second in 4:08:14. Her combined time was 8:56:22.

For the rest of the events, the top male finishers were:

  1. First Half Marathon: Patrick Monaghan, 21, of San Francisco, CA, with a time of 1:13:43
  2. Second Half Marathon: Tyler Jermann, 22, of Flagstaff, AZ, with a time of 1:07:01
  3. 5K: Benjamin Soler, 21, of Vergeze, France, with a time of 16:37

The top female finishers were:

  1. First Half Marathon: Nicole Zielinski, 17, of Anaheim Hills, CA, with a time of 1:27:27
  2. Second Half Marathon: Tania Morimoto, 25, of Redwood City, CA, with a time of 1:20:20
  3. 5K: Anna Harleen, 19, of Ross, CA, with a time of 19:07.

Marathon runner Jorge Maravilla was in second place, and a good way in front of Benjamin Eversole, when he accidentally left the course near Harrison Street.

Rather than stay along the eastern side of the Embarcadero, Maravilla ran onto the western side of the roadway, where he got caught up in the ongoing 5K race. In order to get back to the official marathon course, Maravilla had to cut across streetcar tracks and police barriers. This delay caused Maravilla to lose his second place spot to Eversole by a margin of 16 seconds.

The San Francisco Marathon is a qualifying event for the Boston Marathon, and for the USA Olympic Team trials.