SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, July 26, an unidentified carjacking suspect was shot and wounded at around 7:00 a.m. by a San Francisco police officer.

According to local authorities, the man had already stolen a car earlier that day at the airport. The stolen car belonged to a city marathon runner, San Francisco Police Department Police Chief Greg Suhr said. After stealing the vehicle, the suspect crashed it into a light pole on North McDonnell and San Bruno Avenue.

A motorcycle officer from the SFPD Airport Bureau had been dispatched to the area of the incident for a hit-and-run call, and was able to spot the victim. He confronted the suspect and ordered him to put his backpack down and show his hands. The suspect fled the scene, and approached a vehicle stopped at a traffic light on San Bruno.

The suspect entered the car’s passenger door and ordered the driver to go, but the driver refused. According to Suhr’s reports, the suspect then leaped out of the vehicle and hid in nearby bushes until he came out to confront the officer.

The officer ordered the man to stop. The suspect refused the officers orders and walked towards him, reportedly yelling at the officer to shoot him. The officer fired two rounds, one which punctured the suspect’s upper abdomen.

The suspect was transported to the San Francisco General Hospital. According to Suhr, the suspect was critically injured, but is in stable condition and is expected to survive. 

The incident is being investigated by the San Mateo’s County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office.