SAN FRANCISCO—During Anchor Steam Week of Anchor Brewing Company, a new brewmaster, was officially introduced after 36 years of working with Anchor. 

Tom Riley, a Potrero Hill native, grew up down the street from the brewing company, he started to work at Anchor at the age of 21. At that time, he worked on the packing line during the summer of 1984. For the past 36 years, Riley has transformed his career and moved from the packing line through being a tour guide, working in the brewing department, and today he became a brewmaster. 

A public announcement from Anchor Brewing Company’s social media said that Riley has worked nearly every production job available at the brewery as he has a deep understanding of Anchor’s brewhouse, processes, and legacy than anyone else with the company. At this moment, Riley has been experimenting and developing new styles of brew with Anchor at Public Taps. They are hoping to bring those new products into the market through the coming years. 

The company also released a note from Riley:

“Anchor has always been deeply connected to our community, so going from a Potrero Hill neighborhood kid to the brewmaster at Anchor is a dream. Fritz Maytag, Mark Carpenter, and Scott Ungermann were all committed to keeping their classic and traditional techniques to produce their products, while still innovating new beer styles and brewing methods that carry into future generations.”

Anchor Brewing Company was originally located on Pacific Street between Larkin and Hyde in 1896. After the Great San Francisco Earthquake, the brewery was moved to the South of Market in 1907. Since 1965, Riley is the fourth Brewmaster at Anchor. Visit Anchor Brewing for more information.