SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Opera canceled the upcoming Placido Domingo concert amid sexual harassment allegations that surfaced. The cancelation was announced on Tuesday, August 13. The concert was supposed to take place on October 6 to celebrate Domingo’s 50th year anniversary at the opera house. 

“The decision to cancel the concert was made after recent news reports of multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Though the alleged incidents reported did not take place at San Francisco Opera, the Company is unable to present the artist on the War Memorial Opera House stage,” said the San Francisco Opera in a statement issued on their website.

“San Francisco Opera is committed to its strong anti-sexual harassment policy and requires all Company members to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. San Francisco Opera places a great priority on creating a safe and secure environment where everyone can focus on their work and art, and in which colleagues are treated with respect, dignity and collegiality.,” the organization added.

The San Francisco Opera is not the only opera house to cancel their Domingo concert. The Philadelphia Orchestra rescinded their invitation to have Domingo play at their opening in September.

The Los Angeles Opera stated that they are launching an investigation into the matter and The Washington National Opera indicated that they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to matters of that nature.