San Francisco Releases The Guidelines For Social Interactions

The New Normal, by Georg Arthur Pflueger via

SAN FRANCISCO- On Friday, June 5 afternoon, the city of San Francisco official released the guidance regarding safer social interactions during the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor London Breed shared information about the guidelines via Twitter. The San Francisco Department of Public Health uploaded the “Tip Sheet for Safer Social Interactions” on their website to give information and resources to help people stay safe.

Mayor London Breed said staying home is the safest thing to do. The purpose of having the guidance is to reduce the risk of getting and spreading of COVID-19 while people are meeting with others.
“The safest thing you can do to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to stay home, but we recognize that people may choose to begin seeing their friends and family again,” said Breed via Twitter.

According to the guidance, there are three steps people need to complete if they expect a safe social interaction:

Step 1: Think About the Risk of Meeting in Person
The guidance suggests people think how much the social event means to them and consider the risk before they decide on meeting with others. The guidelines also warn people not to hang out with others if they feel sick.

Step 2: Plan How to See People Safely
People should maintain a 6 feet social distance and wear face coverings while hanging out and hang out with as few people as possible.

Step 3: After the Meeting
The guidance says if people feel sick or have the symptoms of COVID-19, they need to get tested. If someone they met tests positive, they should quarantine for 14-day.

For more details on the guidance, visit San Francisco Department of Public Health website.