SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that masks are now required in indoor public spaces as of Monday, August 2. All San Francisco and Bay Area residents must wear a mask due to the COVID-19 Delta variant regardless of vaccination status.

San Francisco, along with seven other Bay Area health officials, have required masks in indoor public spaces, according to the city and county of San Francisco. According to scientists, wearing a mask offers an extra layer of protection and can slow the spread of the virus.

The SFDPH advises that the best mask for protection against COVID-19 is the one worn consistently and correctly. By wearing two masks or a N95 respirator, particles can be filtered better than other masks.

The SFDPH recommends wearing a N95 respirator when an individual:

  • Is at a higher risk for catching COVID-19.
  • Is not vaccinated.
  • Is indoors or outdoors close to unmasked people.
  • Is indoors around many masked people.
  • Is going indoors where there are or was unmasked people.

Facial coverings should be made of cloth, fabric, or other breathable materials and should not have holes. Plastic Halloween masks, ski masks, and masks with a one-way valve for easier breathing are not effective face coverings.