SAN FRANCISCO—Fifty San Francisco residents and property owners who live in a building with flooding issues have filed a lawsuit against the city. The defendants are suing the city on the basis that San Francisco has been negligent about restoring sewage and drain systems after storms damaged the property in December 2014.

Attorney Mark Epstein is filing the lawsuit on behalf of dozens of property owners, and stated that “the city is breaking its promise” to residents who filed claims from the storm. The property damage first occurred in when rainwater flooded buildings, causing toxic sewage and water to flow into buildings.

The city initially dealt with a similar lawsuit with the same buildings in 2004 after several storms left buildings flooded from sewage overflow. More than $5 million was paid to remedy the damage caused by storms.

Mayor Edward Lee issued a public apology in December stating that the city of San Francisco was sorry this happened again and that the city was going to pay for damages to remedy the situation. Epstein claimed that when owners filed claims with San Francisco, the city denied responsibility of the damages.

Property and businesses have been affected in San Francisco’s Mission District, Mission Terrace, Excelsior, and South of Market.