SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, July 21, San Francisco’s District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced the arrest of San Francisco’s Sheriff Deputy Jalen Rosales for allegedly carrying an assault weapon into San Francisco City Hall. 

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Rosales asked another deputy to retrieve his backpack which he left in a locker after finishing an overtime shift at City Hall. The other deputy found a modified semi-automatic pistol with features that make the weapon illegal under California law. Prosecutors indicated the weapon was registered to Rosales.

The SF Sheriff’s Department started an investigation after discovering the pistol and determined it violated section 30605(a) of the Penal Code: Possession of an Assault Weapon. According to Nancy Crowley, Director of Communications for SF Sheriff’s Office, they shared the investigation with the District Attorney’s Office who charged Rosales. 

“Our staff discovered the weapon in his backpack and we determined that he may have broken the law. So we subsequently shared our investigation,” said Crowley. “We investigated it and then we shared our investigation with the District Attorney’s Office. And then we submitted an application for deputy Rosales’ arrest.” 

The SF District Attorney’s Office stated that after being charged, Rosales surrendered on Tuesday and was released on bail. The sheriff’s office shared he was also put on administrative leave by Sheriff Paul Miyamoto. 

“This arrest is a reminder that no one is above the law. My office will continue to hold accountable our law enforcement officers, whom we trust to know and abide by the laws around gun possession,” said District Attorney Boudin in a statement.

This is an ongoing investigation and Rosales will be arraigned in Superior Court on August 20.