SAN FRANCISCO—The Gagosian Gallery closed its San Francisco branch, located on Howard Street, as of Thursday, December 31. The Gagosian Gallery, founded and named after Larry Gagosian, opened its location in 2016.

The news became official this week after the SF Chronicle reported on New Year’s Eve that the art gallery’s telephone number has been disconnected and signs were being removed.

While the gallery’s San Francisco branch has been removed from its website, it has not been removed from its LinkedIn page.

The gallery closed in San Francisco so it can focus on its other branch in Los Angeles, which is the first Gagosian Gallery to open more than four decades ago in 1980.

According to its website, the LA branch is temporarily closed until Tuesday, January 12.

The Gagosian identifies itself as “a global gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art” employing more than 300 people “in seventeen exhibition spaces across the United States, Europe, and Asia,” notes its website.

In 1985, the Gagosian became the first gallery to “establish a publishing house that produces a vast range of catalogues raisonnes, monographs, artist’s books, scholarly exhibit catalogues, and limited editions,” the website states.

Larry Gagosian represents more than 30 artists including Joe Bradley, Vera Lutter, Sally Mann, and Sarah Sze.