HOLLYWOOD—I’ve become slightly frustrated with “Scream Queens” because that idea that a major player would bite it in each episode hasn’t actually come to surface. The latest episode of the horror hit decided to unleash some bloodshed onto the audience in ‘Seven Minutes in Hell.’

The sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau voted as to who would become the newest President of the sorority, and Zayday won a slight victory, as a tie occurred. It was all a ploy on Chanel’s part to place the target on her nemesis with a murderer lurking on campus. Hmm, seems like all three Chanels have a motive for wanting to commit murder. Zayday and Grace decided to host a sleepover in hopes of gathering additional clues as to who the killer could be.

While Chanel is smart, Zayday and Grace are no idiots and were weary of her intentions. Back at the frat house, Chad and the rest of the Dollar Scholars played games involving eating cans of spaghetti. The ladies enjoyed a game of spin the bottle where Chanel #3 was ecstatic to get a kiss from Sam. The sisters soon found themselves locked inside the mansion, with the Red Devil killer lurking to heighten the body count.

Chad and the rest of his frat brothers broke into the KKT house to help rescue the ladies. The frat brother, who had his arms sliced off, met his maker this week, when the killer chopped off his head. The brothers and sisters decided to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare,’ with the hopes of getting the truth about the killer. Chanel personally attacked Chanel #5 which prompted the minion to storm off. The ladies learned that Chanel #3 has feelings for Sam; that prompted Sam to blurt out that her father is Charles Manson.

Looks like the ladies were making things easy for the killer as Sam found herself locked in the basement sitting in the KKT bathtub that was evidence in the death of one of their own sisters. Sam got to see the face of the killer, who she pegged as the mastermind, but not before he or she smothered her to death. Hester and Chad shared a moment, which raised the suspicions of Chanel.

It became apparent that the coeds were more interested in hooking up, instead of finding out who the killer was. Hester’s screams led to the coeds realizing that Sam is dead, and the killer is indeed in their presence. Chanel confronted Hester about being a potential killer. The Red Devil struck again when Chanel #5 watched in horror as her boyfriend was killed with a nail gun. To say she was in a state of shock was an understatement. Ok, if everyone else was downstairs, that means the killer has to be an adult.

Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Earl (Lucien Laviscount) on "Scream Queens." Photo courtesy of FOX/Steve Dietl.
Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Earl (Lucien Laviscount) on “Scream Queens.” Photo courtesy of FOX/Steve Dietl.

Chad revealed to the crew that there are 2 killers, not one. Chanel confronted Grace about the fact that Pete was MIA. The group soon learned that the house has secret tunnels. Zayday may be making a dangerous mistake by venturing into the tunnels with Chanel. The Queen Bee shared a bit of history about the tunnels while explaining the history of all the previous KKT presidents.

The ladies soon came face-to-face with the Red Devil killer who was seen wielding two axes. Zayday looked like a goner, but Chanel rescued her. Wow, I thought Chanel was an evil person, but she does indeed have a conscience. Hoorah for girl power! Dean Munsch arrived at KKT, as well as Wes who got the scoop on the mayhem that transpired overnight. He was adamant that his daughter leave the campus for her own personal safety. Ok, this whole sisterhood thing is a load of crap, if there was a killer on the loose, there is no way I’m staying behind unless it’s a family member.

Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 discussed their love problems, and the insecure one revealed that she is a legacy student. Chanel delivered pink nunchucks to the ladies as it was their mission to locate the killer. Blood was indeed spilled in the latest episode, but if there is anything viewers learned it’s that one of the culprits could be Wes, Gigi, Dean Munsch, Pete or Denise and they are likely working with one of the sorority sisters or frat brothers.

Sad face, no new episode of “Scream Queens” airs next week, but the bloodbath is certain to resume on Tuesday, November 3.